Bullet Train

Bullet Train: All Action Non-Stop

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A Film For Adrenaline Junkies


Aaron-Taylor Johnson with Brad Pitt
Lemon fighting LadyBug


If there was ever a movie that would come under the category of action/thriller, Bullet Train would be the top contender. The blend of Hollywood action mixed with Japan’s setting was a visual treat throughout. The introductions for each one of the main cast were perfect and they never came off as too repetitive. 

The film was in a constant state of action without making its audience feel exhausted. Brad Pitt gave a great performance and the rest of the cast had amazing choreography in the set pieces. However, when it comes to which actor stole the show, it is without a doubt, Aaron-Taylor Johnson.


The Bullet Train Makes This Movie What It Is


Bullet Train Poster
Bullet Train Poster


David Leitch’s film, Bullet Train, is an exhilarating and action-packed journey that should not be missed. Each assassin in the film has a specific goal and plan as they travel from Tokyo to Morioka on a fast train. The realization that they are all on the same train and must cooperate to survive throws their plans for survival into disarray.

The movie’s outstanding action scenes are another highlight. Bullet Train features some of the most exciting and heart-pounding action scenes in recent memory thanks to Bullet Train director David Leitch, who is best renowned for his work on John Wick and Deadpool 2. Each character effectively uses their unique fighting technique and weapon in the superbly choreographed action scenes. The audience is kept on the edge of their seats the entire time thanks to the sequences’ outstanding shooting and editing.


Did You Know This About Bullet Train?


  • The director of the film, David Leitch used to be Brad Pitt’s stunt double in films such as Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  • It was Joey King’s dream come true to be in a film with Michael Shannon.
  • Brad Pitt hopes that the films choreographed fight scenes honor the legendary Jackie Chan.
  • Aaron-Taylor Johnson managed to slice his hand in a room that was padded to prevent injury during the filming of the movie.


A Perfect Action Movie


Brain Tyree Henry with Aaron-Taylor Johnson
Lemon and Tangerine looking at the camera


This action-packed film about assassins fighting each other inside a bullet train is perfect to watch at any given time. It is a film that can be enjoyed with or without paying too much focus. The comedic duo of Lemon and Tangerine made the movie perfectly palatable for any type of audience. The biggest asset that this film has is its story writing element. 

The assassins’ attempts to outwit one another cause the story to take unexpected turns, raising the stakes along the way. The movie moves quickly and effectively, never pausing for a dull moment. However, its main theme of fate is the most impressive element of the film. As it manages to tie every character’s fate to one another, including but not limited to a water bottle.

Ultimately, those who enjoy action movies and adrenaline rides should not miss Bullet Train. It is a true highlight in the genre with a brilliant ensemble cast, outstanding action scenes, and an engaging plot. The movie is a tribute to David Leitch’s directing talent and serves as further evidence of why he is one of the most intriguing directors working today.

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FilmScopes thank the creators of the movie for creating an absolute banger of an action film during the pandemic.


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