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CJ7: The Reality And Parody Of Poverty

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FilmScopes thank the creators of the series for presenting a series touching such important lessons in such an exciting method. They have shown how uncertain life can be in both good and bad ways and how greed can become one’s worst enemy.

It is an important life lesson for those who go with the flow too much and those who tend to cross the thin line between aspiration and greed.


What Is CJ7?


A boy in a school uniform with a small green creature on his shoulder
Dicky and CJ7


Stephen Chow’s science fiction comedy-drama CJ7 was released in 2008 in Hong Kong. In the film, a father and son from a destitute family find an alien species that they bring home, and the creature helps them get out of their situation. The film is renowned for its blend of social satire and fantasy, in which it exaggerates and mocks poverty.

Millions of people all around the world are impacted by the prevalent issue of poverty. The root causes of poverty are intricate and varied, and they can have serious negative effects on people’s lives. Hunger, malnutrition, a lack of opportunities, education, and good health are all consequences of poverty. In the film CJ7, poverty is explored in an original and enjoyable manner.


Lives Of The Main Characters


A boy making funny postures as his dad's back is turned toward him
Dicky and Ti


The movie’s main character, Ti, is a poor man who works hard to provide for his son, Dicky. Ti lives in a dilapidated apartment complex and works as a garbage collector. Ti constantly has financial difficulties and frequently turns to drastic means to save money. Ti conserves money by purchasing expired food and using old newspapers as toilet paper, for instance.

Young Dicky aspires to own the newest toys and technology. He frequently feels left out and is envious of his peers’ costly toys. The consumerist culture that permeates modern civilization is reflected in Dicky’s thirst for material items. The film emphasizes the risks of materialism and how it can result in misery and discontentment.

The alien creature that Ti and Dicky find becomes a source of hope and inspiration for them. The creature has magical powers and can transform into different objects. Ti and Dicky use the creature’s powers to improve their lives, but they soon discover that its magic has limitations. The creature’s powers cannot solve all their problems, and they still have to work hard to overcome poverty.


Did You Know This About CJ7?


  • In this film, Xu Jiao, who plays Stephen Chow’s son, is a female.
  • Ti Chow (played by director Stephen Chow) uses the incorrect side of the knife as he removes the decayed portion of the apple. This first occurs at 0:12:45 and is actually a poor man’s shortcut to avoid removing the apple’s fresh flesh.
  • Stephen Chow, who also plays Dicky’s father in the movie, was the one to direct the film as well.
  • An animated series known as CJ7: The Cartoon was made that continued following the family and the alien on their adventures in 2010 and an animated film that acted as a sequel to the original in 2015 known as CJ7: Super Q Team.


A Devastating Reality That Is Given A Sprinkle Of Magic


A boy in a school uniform with a green doll hanging around his neck
Dicky and CJ7


CJ7 is a movie that blends reality and fantasy in a unique and entertaining way. The movie uses humor and exaggeration to highlight the harsh realities of poverty. The movie’s portrayal of poverty is a parody, but it is grounded in reality. The movie’s social commentary is subtle but effective, as it encourages viewers to reflect on the impact of poverty on people’s lives.

The movie’s message is clear: poverty is a complex problem that cannot be solved by magic or wishful thinking. Poverty requires a concerted effort by individuals, communities, and governments to address the root causes of poverty. The movie encourages viewers to take action to help those who are struggling with poverty, rather than simply relying on charity or luck.


The Message CJ7 Sends To Us


A boy gesturing with a finger in the air as his father looks with concern in the background
Ti and Dicky


It is a movie that resonates with people around the world. Millions of people have been moved by the film’s universal themes of hope, family, and poverty. The movie is a distinctive and unforgettable cinematic experience due to its blend of comedy, drama, and fantasy.

CJ7 is a hilarious and exaggerated film that examines poverty. The film’s realistic and fantastical elements underscore the harsh realities of poverty while also offering encouragement and motivation. The film’s social message is understated but powerful, inspiring viewers to consider how poverty affects people’s lives. Millions of people worldwide have been moved by the film CJ7, and future generations will continue to adore it.


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