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Squid Game: Teaching The Value Of Lives

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FilmScopes thank the creators of the series for presenting a series touching such important lessons in such an exciting method. They have shown how uncertain life can be in both good and bad ways and also how greed can become one’s worst enemy.

It is an important life lesson for those who go with the flow too much and those who tend to cross the thin line between aspiration and greed.




A man smiling with a pink wall in the background
Seong Gi-hun smiling for the camera


Squid Game is a popular South Korean television series that premiered on Netflix in September 2021. The show tells the story of a group of people who are invited to participate in a deadly game in which they compete for a chance to win a large sum of money. The contestants must compete in a series of children’s games that become increasingly dangerous and deadly as the show progresses.

The series has gained a lot of attention for its unique storyline, intense action, and social commentary on class inequality and the struggles faced by people in modern society. The show has also sparked a lot of discussions and debates on social media and has become a cultural phenomenon around the world.




two men in pink suits standing side by side of a giant girl doll
The setup for Red Light, Green Light


The concept of Squid Game is a survival game where the participants compete in a series of children’s games to win a large sum of money. The show is set in modern-day South Korea and follows the story of several people who are struggling financially and are recruited to participate in the game.

The games are based on traditional Korean childhood games, but with deadly consequences. For example, in the first round, the players play a game of “Red Light, Green Light,” where they must move forward when the “Green Light” is on and freeze when the “Red Light” is on. If a player moves during the “Red Light,” they are eliminated from the game, often in a gruesome and violent manner.

As the game progresses, the stakes become higher, and the contestants must use strategy, skill, and luck to survive. The winner of the game is promised a prize of 45.6 billion won (approximately USD 38 million), but only one player can emerge victorious.




four people in suits with golden masks covering their faces
The VIPs


Squid Game tackles several social issues and critiques modern society through its depiction of the survival game. One of the most prominent themes is the class divide and economic inequality that exists in South Korean society.

Many of the players in the game are from lower-income backgrounds and are in desperate financial situations, and the game offers them a chance to win a life-changing sum of money. However, the game is also designed to exploit these vulnerable players and to perpetuate their exploitation, leading to commentary on the exploitative nature of capitalist systems.

Another issue explored in the show is the dehumanization of individuals for profit. The players are reduced to mere numbers and objects to be used in a game, and their lives are valued less than the money at stake. The show also raises questions about the morality of participating in the game and the responsibility of those who create and manage it.

Additionally, the show touches on the consequences of debt and the lengths that people will go to pay it off. The players are in debt to various lenders and are forced to participate in the game as a way to pay off their debts, which raises ethical questions about the morality of debt collection practices and their impact on people’s lives.

Overall, Squid Game uses its survival game concept as a vehicle to explore deeper societal issues and critique modern society’s obsession with money and power.


Important Characters


People of all ages standing in a line
 Cho Sang-woo looking back at Seong Gi-hun


Gi-hun: The protagonist of the show, played by Lee Jung-Jae, is a divorced and indebted man who is struggling to make ends meet. He is invited to participate in the survival game and becomes determined to win the prize money to provide for his daughter.
Seong-gi: Played by Park Hae-soo, Seong-gi is a former police officer who was discharged from the force due to gambling addiction. He is also in debt and is recruited to participate in the game.

Sang-woo: Played by Wi Ha-joon, Sang-woo is a college-educated man from a wealthy background who participates in the game to pay off his mother’s debts. He is initially kind and helpful to the other players but later reveals a darker side.

Player 001 (Frontman): The enigmatic leader of the survival game, Player 001 is played by actor Yoo Hae-jin. He wears a mask and oversees the game’s operations, including the handling of the players and the enforcement of the game’s rules.

Hwang Jun-ho: Played by Heo Sung-tae, Hwang Jun-ho is one of the players in the game and quickly emerges as a fan favorite due to his humor and resourcefulness.

Each of these characters brings a unique perspective and motivation to the game, and their interactions and decisions drive the plot of the show.


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