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Star Wars: The Lore The Fans Don’t Know About (Pt. 2)

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The Real Children Of Han Solo And Leia Organa


Three characters from Star Wars


Jacen Solo (Darth Caedus): He was once a leading Jedi Knight who had trained under his uncle Luke Skywalker and had proved crucial in defeating the Yuuzhan Vong and protecting the galaxy during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Solo desired to protect the galaxy and his increasing willingness to accept any cost in that cause facilitated his fall to the ways of the Sith, a trait that had similarly corrupted his grandfather, the Chosen One Anakin Skywalker, into Darth Vader.

Jaina Solo Fel: the twin sister of Jacen who had almost turned to the dark side after the death of her brother Anakin Solo, but held her own for her own good due to being formerly trained as a Jedi by Luke, she became the first empress of a stable galaxy.

Anakin Solo: the younger brother of Jacen and Jaina who used to follow them on all their adventures, also an apprentice of Luke.

Tenel Ka Djo: The wife of Jacen Solo and a descendant of the Dathomiri witch’s royal house, she later became the queen of the witches on Dathomir.

Chume’da Allana Djo Solo: The only daughter of Jacen Solo and Tenel, she was in hiding as a child, but later trained as a Jedi and revealed her identity at Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel’s marriage reception. She later became the queen of Hapan.

Jagged Fel: A Han Solo redo, a talented ace pilot who fell in love with the princess. He succeeded completely though, he became the founding emperor of the Fel Empire, which ruled the entire galaxy in peace for 3 whole generations. The Fel Empire encouraged the proliferation of light side Force-users, even forming a Jedi Order analogue known as the Imperial Knights.


Other Lesser Known Character Lores


Skywalker family tree


Mara Jade Skywalker: She was the Second in command of Grand Admiral Thrawn (Mitth’raw’nuruodo), but after the fall of the empire, she redeemed herself, became a Jedi again and was eventually married to Luke Skywalker.

Ben Skywalker: The only child of Luke and Mara, he had followed his father Luke Skywalker into exile, as Luke was removed from the Jedi Order for being held responsible for Jacen Solo’s fall to the dark side.

Zayne Skywalker: The son of Rey and Ben Solo, Zayne’s power in the Force was legendary and prodigious, making him the heir of the Skywalker bloodline. During the Battle of Exegol, the redeemed Ben Solo passed away into the Force leaving Zayne solely raised by Rey.

Unnamed child of Rey and Ben Solo: The son of Rey was born at a point succeeding the Battle of Exegol. While raised as one of the Skywalkers, he was aware of his origins related to the Palpatine. One day, his suspicion regarding his mother’s mental condition brought a verdict upon him, sentencing him to exile, so that the young man isolated himself from society. Eventually, he settled down on Exegol, where he entered a duel with his mother one day upon her unexpected arrival. He was later a close associate of Darth Caedus.


Fel II: The Second Galactic Emperor Of The Galaxy Under The Fel Dynasty


A woman cladded in red armor


Roan Fel: The third Galactic Emperor of the galaxy under the Fel dynasty. He was also an Imperial Knight, part of a Force-sensitive organization that rejected the dark side. Following the Sith–Imperial War, he took control of the Fel Empire on Coruscant; however, he was soon deposed by Darth Krayt, who founded his own Sith Empire on Coruscant. Fel took control of the loyalist world of Bastion seven years later, and in the Second Imperial Civil War, he led other loyalists as the head of the Empire-in-exile, which opposed Krayt’s rule.

During the final battle above Coruscant, Fel gives into the dark side when he attempts to use a Sith bioweapon to kill all life on the planet, forcing Antares Draco (his fellow imperial knight) to kill him. Later his daughter succeeded to the throne and married Antares.

Marasiah Fel: She succeeded her father, who died during the Battle of Coruscant, becoming Empress of the restored Empire. She was a close friend to Cade Skywalker and a mutual love interest of Antares Draco.


The Skywalkers Live


Father and son fighting together


Kol Skywalker: The direct descendant of Luke, he was killed by Darth Nihl and the One Sith (also known as the New Sith Order, was a sect of dark side warriors and devotees founded by Darth Krayt that followed a revised doctrine of the Sith ways) in front of his son. After his death, Kol continued to appear to his son as a Force ghost, exhorting Cade to reject the dark side and live up to his heritage.

Nat Skywalker (Bantha Rawk): Brother of Kol, he was trained as a Jedi, but left the Order to live a peaceful life.

Cade Skywalker: The only child of Kol Skywalker, Caught up in the power struggle between the Sith and the exiled Emperor Fel, Cade became willing to do whatever it took to ensure he was left alone but was eventually captured by the Sith.

Following his capture, Krayt acknowledged that Cade had more power than he had ever seen in any Jedi, and offered him to join him and the Sith. Refusing his offer, Cade was forced to watch his friends die when Darth Maladi planted Yuuzhan Vong Yorik-Kul coral seeds inside them.

Cade had no option but to help both of his friends by using his anger to cure them at a great cost. With the dark side corrupting him, Cade was surprised that Krayt showed him his father’s lightsaber and revealed his former identity as Jedi Master A’Sharad Hett. Skywalker was able to escape when he injured Darth Nihl and Darth Talon.

He was later taken in by his uncle Nat in a hidden Jedi temple on Taivas. He later finally defeated the Sith for good, while putting himself on the line, under the guidance of Luke Skywalker, escaped, was rescued by R2-D2, and helped Marasiah become the empress, with the war over, Cade Skywalker set out for a distant place where he could be in peace.

Thousands of years before Cade Skywalker’s birth, he appeared in a vision shared by Jedi Masters: Feln, Q’Anilia, and Xamar, along with his ancestors Anakin Skywalker (as Darth Vader) and Luke Skywalker, as well as Zayne Carrick; all four of these individuals would later be affected by the Muur Talisman.




From the enduring legacy of the Skywalker-Solo family to the rise of new empires and the struggle between the light and dark sides of the Force, the Star Wars universe continues to weave captivating tales across generations. The stories of these characters remind us of the enduring themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the enduring battle between good and evil in a galaxy far, far away.


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