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Train To Busan: Making Zombies An Environment

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FilmScopesthank the creators of the film for creating one of the most exciting and distinctive zombie films ever. Your talent for turning zombies into a danger to the environment and engaging the audience on an emotional level is unmatched.


While zombies have long been a popular theme for horror movies, the South Korean action-horror flick Train To Busan takes a new tack. The zombies in the Yeon Sang-ho-directed movie are turned into a setting, giving the old-school genre a fresh spin. In this post, we’ll examine how Train To Busan makes zombies more than just a scary element by making them a hazard to the ecosystem.

The best of a zombie action thriller is on display in the 2019 film Train To Busan. Sangho Yeon is the film’s director, which also stars Gong Yoo, Suan Kim, Jung Yumi, and Ma Dongseok. Watch this action-horror movie to see a story about a zombie virus outbreak in South Korea.


About Train To Busan



A man in a train
The character arc of Seok-woo is amazing, with him going from an unkind businessman to a caring fighter by the end of the film.


Critics lauded Train To Busan right away for its original and wildly entertaining approach to the zombie subgenre. with the New York Times’ Jeanette Catsoulis choosing the movie as her “critics’ choice.” Most famously, Edgar Wright praised the movie, calling it the “best zombie movie I’ve seen in forever” on Twitter.

Along with other passengers, Train To Busan chronicles a man and his estranged daughter on a train full of zombies. As they travel by train to the last glimmer of hope and a place where they can escape infected, the travelers must struggle for their lives.

The movie was so well-liked that a sequel, Train To Busan: Peninsula, was released in 2020. The sequel wasn’t as well received as the original because it missed the first’s magic.


Transforming Zombies into an Environment


People running in a plain field
Zombies and people running from the train


The main source of terror in most zombie films is the zombies themselves. The undead, however, poses a threat to the ecology in Train To Busan. Zombies represent the natural disasters that people must contend with to survive on the train, which turns into a miniature version of the outside world.

In Train To Busan, the zombies are extremely aggressive and move quickly. They relentlessly attack the survivors, like a natural force. They’re not just a bunch of easily avoidable, slowly moving monsters. Instead, they are pervasive and always in motion. In order to survive, the survivors are compelled to continually adapt and plan.


Did You Know This About Train To Busan?


  • Less than a month after Train To Busan, director Yeon Sang-Ho created Seoul Station, a brief animated prequel. It shows what happened the day before the main film’s events.
  • It took fewer than four months, from April to August of 2015, to develop a movie with this much action and special effects.
  • In Hindi, Tamil, English, and Telugu, Train To Busan was the first South Korean movie to be released in India. Nevertheless, it was not made available in India in Korean.
  • Lead actor Gong Yoo’s former personal trainer is Ma Dong-seok, who plays the man with a pregnant wife.


The Emotional Impact


A man consoling a little girl in a small compartment of a train
Train to Busan (IMDB)


The audience’s emotional response to Train To Busan is another distinctive feature. The story of the movie goes beyond the action and terror of escaping a zombie apocalypse. The relationships between the characters and the sacrifices they make for one another are also important themes.

Father Seok-woo, the main character, is estranged from his daughter Su-an. As they work to survive together, we see how their bond grows throughout the movie. Other zombie films lack the emotional depth that their relationship gives the picture.


The Performance From The Cast


A man and woman going down an escalator
Ma Dong-seok and Han Ji-eun in Train To Busan


The actors who give these characters life make this movie unique because, like anything else, character writing can only take you so far. The performances are all outstanding, but Ma Dong-Seok gave the most compelling and profound portrayal. The Eternals, in which he plays Gilgamesh, is where most people will now recognize him, but true fans first fell in love with the actor in Train To Busan. Because of Ma Dong-seok’s intrinsically obvious charisma and exceptional talent, his character gains instant likeability in part. The complex portrayal of Sang-Hwa by Ma Dong-seok makes his demise all the more tragic.


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