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Decoupled: Underrated Realistic Comedy By Bollywood

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FilmScopes thank the creators of the movie for delivering a refreshing and remarkable rom-com series that combines realistic storytelling, stellar performances, and intelligent humor, captivating audiences and redefining the Bollywood comedy genre.

Their dedication and talent have truly made Decoupled a brand new successful entry as an example of what Bollywood is capable of if given the freedom to change stereotypes how they see fit.


Bollywood has been infamous for its over-the-top, larger-than-life TV serials that often lack realism. However, in recent years, we have witnessed a shift towards more realistic and relatable content in Bollywood. One such series that deserves recognition for its underrated realistic comedy is the 2021 release Decoupled. This article will delve into what makes Decoupled a refreshing take on realistic comedy in Bollywood.


The Plot: A Refreshing Break from the Stereotypical Bollywood Rom-Com


A woman dressed in red leaning on a wall and a man completely naked inside the men's room
Shruti and Arya


The Netflix series revolves around the protagonist, Arya (played by R. Madhavan), a celebrated author struggling to come to terms with his impending divorce from his wife, Shruti. While trying to come up with a new book, Arya’s editor pitches him with the idea of writing a self-help book on relationships, despite his own failing marriage. The story takes interesting turns as Arya navigates his way through the complexities of love, marriage, and relationships.

What sets Decoupled apart from other Bollywood rom-coms is its realistic portrayal of relationships. The series does not shy away from showing the ugly side of relationships, including fights, infidelity, and mistrust. It boldly addresses issues that are often swept under the rug, making it a refreshing break from the stereotypical Bollywood rom-com.


The Characters: A Stellar Cast that Brings the Story to Life


People sitting at a giant table
The family of Arya and Shruti along with their friends and associates


Decoupled boasts of a talented ensemble cast, with each actor bringing their A-game to the table. R. Madhavan delivers a flawless performance as Arya, portraying the character’s vulnerability and confusion with ease. Surveen Chawla shines as Arya’s estranged wife, Shruti, bringing depth and complexity to her character. The supporting cast, including the likes of Atul Kumar and Chetan Bhagat, also deliver commendable performances, making the series a joy to watch.

The chemistry among the cast members is palpable, further enhancing the authenticity of the series. R. Madhavan and Surveen Chawla’s on-screen dynamic captures the nuances of a crumbling relationship, portraying the emotional turmoil and intricacies with remarkable finesse. The supporting actors breathe life into their respective characters, adding layers of humor and relatability to the overall narrative.


The Humour: Subtle and Witty, Making it a Laugh Riot


An airport security man looking confused
Airport security suspiciously looking at Arya


Decoupled‘s humor is subtle and witty, making it a laugh riot without being over-the-top. The series’s realistic portrayal of relationships lends itself to several relatable moments that will leave you in splits. From sarcastic one-liners to situational comedy, the humor in Decoupled strikes a perfect balance between hilarity and emotional depth. It cleverly navigates the fine line between comedy and realism, ensuring that the humor never feels forced or disconnected from the story.

Moreover, the humor in Decoupled is not limited to surface-level jokes. It often incorporates intelligent and layered humor, including clever wordplay, cultural references, and subtle nods to popular culture. These nuances make the comedy more rewarding for attentive viewers who can appreciate the finer details. The series manages to elicit laughter while maintaining its grounded approach, creating a unique and memorable comedic experience.


The Direction: A Well-Crafted Series That Keeps You Hooked


A woman and a man looking at each other while sitting in a car
Shruti and Arya


Director Hardik Mehta does a commendable job of keeping the audience engaged throughout the series. His direction strikes a delicate balance between lighthearted comedy and poignant moments, ensuring that the narrative flows seamlessly. Mehta’s attention to detail is evident in the way he captures the nuances of human relationships, allowing the characters to evolve organically within the story.

The pacing of Decoupled is just right, allowing the plot to unfold in a natural rhythm. It neither rushes through important moments nor lingers unnecessarily, keeping viewers invested in the narrative from start to finish. The series’s visual aesthetics are also noteworthy, with the cinematography capturing the essence of both urban and rural settings, creating a vibrant backdrop for the story.


The Verdict: Decoupled – A Must-Watch Series


Shruti and Arya


In conclusion, Decoupled is a must-watch series that deserves recognition for its realistic portrayal of relationships and its subtle yet witty humor. It is a refreshing break from the stereotypical Bollywood rom-com and a testament to the fact that Bollywood is slowly but surely moving towards more realistic and relatable content. The well-crafted plot, stellar performances, intelligent humor, and skilled direction make Decoupled a standout series in the genre.

So, if you’re in the mood for a good laugh and a heartwarming story, do yourself a favor and watch Decoupled. You won’t be disappointed! Prepare to be entertained by its relatable characters, their emotional journey, and the clever comedy that will leave you with a smile on your face. Decoupled is a shining example of the evolving landscape of Bollywood, where realistic storytelling and comedy find their perfect blend.


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