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Why Mob Psycho 100 Is The Best Mental Health Anime

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FilmScopes thank the creators of the movie for their exceptional work in shedding light on the significance of mental health with captivating storytelling and entertaining visuals, all while imparting invaluable values of empathy, self-acceptance, and personal growth to their viewers.

Through their masterpiece, they have ignited a positive impact, fostering understanding and inspiring individuals to embrace their inner selves and prioritize their mental well-being.


Few series in the world of anime, where storytelling transcends genres and emotions are vividly expressed, explore the complex subject of mental health with the same level of skill as Mob Psycho 100.

Mob Psycho 100, a manga series by the renowned artist ONE (also known as One Punch Man), is a remarkable masterpiece that examines the complex nature of mental health through its endearing characters, intriguing plotlines, and inspirational messages.

In this post, we’ll explore why Mob Psycho 100 is regarded as the best mental health anime and why its viewers connect with it on such a deep level.

Portrayal of Mental Health


A child and an adult looking at each other
Mob and Reigen


The sensitive and truthful portrayal of mental health in Mob Psycho 100 is among its most distinguishing features. The show skillfully handles subjects like anxiety, sadness, self-worth, and the quest for personal development.

Instead of romanticizing or stigmatizing mental health concerns, it chooses a realistic approach that fosters understanding and empathy. We observe a young protagonist struggling with the complexities of his psychic abilities, emotions, and quest for self-acceptance through the figure of Shigeo Kageyama (Mob).

Mob’s story provides a moving illustration of the difficulties that people who are coping with mental health issues must overcome. The show emphasizes the value of asking for help, accepting one’s feelings, and finding strength in weakness.


Complex Characters and Emotional Depth


Characters in Mob Psycho 100
Characters in Mob Psycho 100


The cast of Mob Psycho 100 is a strong one, with each character having their own unique struggles. The show offers a rich tapestry of characters, each with their own distinct mental landscapes, starting with Mob’s mentor Reigen, who hides his insecurities with charisma.

These characters represent genuine emotions, flaws, and growth arcs that strike a chord with viewers on a deep level. They are not just tools for furthering the plot. Each character has the potential to have their own spin-off due to how well-written their character arcs are.

We are able to recognize ourselves in these charmingly flawed characters thanks to the skillful way that Mob Psycho 100 creates a sense of empathy and connection. We are reminded by seeing their journeys that mental health issues do not define a person’s value and that everyone deserves compassion and support.


Balancing Humor and Gravity


A muscular man holding another man by his head
Ryohei Shimura promotes non-violence


Although mental health is a serious topic, the anime skillfully integrates timely humor into its examination of emotional struggles. The series uses a deft combination of slapstick humor, clever dialogue, and visual gags to inject humor into the midst of the more serious themes.

This strategy keeps the story from becoming too long and engrossing while enabling viewers to relate to the characters’ experiences more deeply.

Mob Psycho 100 masterfully blends humor and seriousness to create a setting where talking about mental health feels approachable and relatable. It serves as a reminder that laughing can help us deal with challenging emotions and develop our resilience.


Did You Know This About Mob Psycho 100?


  • Reigen took inspiration for many of his one-liners and grunts from various television programs and personalities he watched, like Dexter’s Laboratory, Rick & Morty, and Ed, Edd n Eddy.
  • The popular manga series One Punch Man by ONE is frequently mentioned in the anime. For instance, Mob is shown reading the manga in one moment, while Saitama may be seen as Reigen’s phone wallpaper. One Punch Man shirts are worn by several characters, and the soda cups from “Mob Donald’s” have a secret Saitama illustration emblazoned on them.
  • The show has a distinctive animation design that blends classic 2D animation with 3D computer visuals.
  • The series creator, ONE, has said that his own struggles with anxiety and depression served as inspiration, and mental health issues are prevalent in all of the episodes.


Visual Brilliance and Dynamic Animation


A child with his face shrouded in darkness


Beyond its compelling narrative, Mob Psycho 100 enthralls viewers with its gorgeous animation and visual appeal. The show adopts a distinctive, colorful aesthetic that smoothly switches between various animation styles. Even though the animation style may throw off many viewers due to its extremely cartoonish style, it finds a way to grow on the audience after the first few episodes.

The anime demonstrates the limitless potential of animation as a medium for visual storytelling, ranging from intense psychic battles to introspective character moments. The animation does not limit itself to just an action theme, it is extremely fluid and lends itself to creative liberties that expand the expressions and messages the plot wants to push forward. From standard action animation sequences to Van Gogh levels of depictions, Mob Psycho 100 does not shy away from being creative by any means.

Key scenes’ emotional impact is further enhanced by the dynamic animation, which effectively communicates the characters’ inner conflicts and the force of their personal development. The anime’s stunning visuals enhance the viewing experience by drawing viewers into the complex world of feelings and mental states.


Empowering Themes and Personal Growth


A man scrubbing a students head in a diner
Dimple, Mob, and Reigen enjoying ramen


Mob Psycho 100‘s core themes are the quest for happiness, self-acceptance, and personal development. Through Mob’s journey, we see his development into a young man who learns to embrace his feelings and recognize his own value from a reserved and emotionally repressed person.

The show strongly implies that overcoming one’s inner demons can lead to fulfillment and growth and that mental health issues do not define a person’s worth. Viewers are inspired by Mob’s journey, which serves as a reminder of their own capacity for development and self-discovery. It challenges us to accept who we truly are, face our fears, and develop resilience in the face of difficulty.

When it comes to exploring mental health in the anime medium, Mob Psycho 100 is at the top of its game. The show offers a profound and engrossing narrative that speaks to viewers on a profoundly personal level through its sensitive portrayal of complex characters, a deft blend of humor and gravity, visually stunning animation, and empowering themes.


Narrative Depth and Social Commentary


A man holding an umbrella over another
Toichiro Suzuki looking out for Katsuya Serizawa


The anime also incorporates social commentary and introspection into its examination of mental health. The show explores societal pressures, the negative effects of seeking outside approval, and the perils of ego and power.

Mob Psycho 100 examines the human condition and the inherent vulnerabilities we all face through its supernatural setting. It causes us to reflect on our own motives, the façades we present to the world, and the effects of our deeds on both ourselves and those around us.

As many of us or our friends may have the mindset of accomplishing our goals would somehow make our existence more important than others. The anime teaches us that no matter how “successful” a person’s life may become, their total value as a human remains the same as a work-at-home mom or a hardworking salesman on the street. The anime invites viewers to consider their lives and the societal structures that mold them by weaving these intricate layers into its story.

The reason Mob Psycho 100 has earned the distinction of being the best mental health anime is because of its unwavering dedication to authenticity, empathy, and growth.

Mob Psycho 100 is a crucial film to watch for otaku who are interested in both entertainment and a deep investigation of the human psyche. It sparked discussions about mental health, prompted introspection, and reminded us of the importance of resiliency and personal development in our own lives.


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