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Remakes And Their Problems

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There is no doubt that the constant urge of filmmakers to remake every existing piece of work from South India and English for Hindi speaking belt is redundant. But people have forgotten that there are remakes that have remained faithful to the original source material and brought a new flair to the story and its characters.

Various remakes of the films of bollywood like don

Two such examples are Don and Agneepath. Both star Amitabh Bachchan at the top of his game regarding story and execution. The new versions presented something completely new, appealing to both the old and new generations. Shahrukh Khan brought a more sadistic and darker tone to Don and Hrithik Roshan did even capture an iota of Amitabh Bachchan’s Vijay Chauhan from Agneepath. These new versions added news subplots and different characterizations that never feel inorganic.

Recent remakes like Vikram Vedha and Jersey weren’t bad remakes at all but the fact that they did not add anything new to the story is possibly why they couldn’t rake in good numbers for the box office.

Well it’s my personal opinion as a writer and as a viewer, I hope you keep an open mind while reading this, I’m neither against it nor in support of making remakes, maybe there is a remake in line that would take our breath away.

It’s all about perception mate!


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