Riddhi Dogra’s Movies, Webseries & More

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Indian actress Riddhi Dogra is best recognized for her local television and web series roles.

Serials on television:

  1. Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak? (2010-2012) – Riddhi Dogra became well-known for playing Priya Jakhar in this well-liked drama series.
  2. She portrayed Damayanti in the fantasy television series Savitri (2013).
  3. (2017–2018) Woh Apna Sa – In this drama series, Riddhi played the role of Nisha.
  4. Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava? She portrayed Malini in this psychological thriller series from 2011 to 2013.

Web Series:

  1. The Married Woman (2021), an ALTBalaji online series that examines topics of love, identity, and social standards, starred Riddhi Dogra in the title character Astha.
  2. She played the crucial part of Nusrat in this Voot Original criminal thriller series, Asur (2020).
  3. In this well-known Indian reality program, Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 (2017), Riddhi took part and became famous for her brave exploits.
  4. She portrayed Aliyah Mukherjee in the web series Twisted (2017–2018), renowned for its thrilling storyline twists.
    Riddhi made an appearance in one of the episodes of the 2013 romantic comedy Yeh Hai Aashiqui.

Recent Movies:

  1. Lakadbaggha: Leads are Anshuman Jha, Riddhi Dogra, Paresh & Milind Soman (It’s a movie for animal lovers)
  2. Jawan: An upcoming movie starring Shah Rukh Khan and that for sure would be a blockbuster
  3. Tiger 3: It’s the fifth installment of the YRF Spy universe.

Riddhi Dogra: A Standout Feminist Defying Adversity

Riddhi Dogra stands out as a symbol of tenacity and feminism in the glamorous world of Indian entertainment, where showmanship frequently takes precedence over content.

She has faced obstacles and failures on her path from a young woman in a small town to a well-known actor, but what truly distinguishes her in the field is her steadfast dedication to her beliefs.

Overcoming Stereotypes:


Riddhi Dogra stood up against stereotypes and questioned norms in a culture where prescribed roles for women are frequently enforced. She depicted characters on screen who were strong, independent, and relatable rather than adhering to the stereotypical picture of a meek lady.

Through her roles, she not only delighted audiences but also gave numerous women the inspiration they needed to reject traditional norms.




Personal Obstacles:


Riddhi’s private life has not exactly been trouble-free. She overcame hardships and obstacles that would have discouraged many. She nevertheless came out of each trial more resolute and stronger.

These individual challenges only strengthened her standing as a feminist icon. She developed a reputation as a woman of strength for other women fighting their own fights because of these times of vulnerability.

Riddhi Dogra has broken down barriers in a field where women frequently struggle to secure significant roles once they reach a certain age. She keeps landing parts that test her acting abilities and encourage women of all ages. Her professional success is a reflection of her self-confidence and defiance of ageist norms.


Riddhi Dogra’s path has been exceptional, full of hardships and victories. She has shown that one’s upbringing or individual hardships need not determine their fate.

She has distinguished herself in the entertainment sector and emerged as a role model for women all around the world with grace, courage, and a dedication to feminist principles. In addition to being an actor, Riddhi Dogra is the epitome of feminism, tearing down barriers and igniting change at every turn.




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