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Solo Leveling: Best Anime Of 2024?

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The year 2024

is buzzing with many exciting releases, and one series has already made its debut on January 7, 2024 – Solo Leveling. This anime masterpiece is an adaptation of the famous Korean Manhwa of the same name. Chugong’s Solo Leveling is a South Korean online novel. While Dubu, also known as Jang Sung-Rak, serves as both the artist and illustrator behind this webcomic and the CEO of REDICE studio.


The anime series has proven to be a resounding success, captivating audiences with its engaging storytelling and stellar art, especially in its action scenes. The original Manhwa gained incredible popularity for these very attributes, and the anime seems to have seamlessly translated that success onto the screen.

Usually, a Korean manhwa is not adapted into a Japanese anime, especially not by a famous and prestigious studio like A-1 Pictures. Therefore, the anime is poised to offer a fascinating experience for all fans, especially those who have read the original work. Furthermore, as with any other anime, the story begins with the main character and revolves around his life.

What Makes The Series Worth Watching


The series’ most obvious strength lies in its action, which permeates the entire anime due to its fantasy and video game themes. It offers a package of dynamic action, high-scoring music, and a unique visual style. The series is immersed in intense fighting scenes, with the villains portrayed as truly menacing

The opening theme song, “Level,” composed by the renowned Hiroyuki Sawano in collaboration with TOMORROW X TOGETHER, perfectly complements the anime’s tone. A-1 Pictures, a powerhouse in the animation industry, does complete justice to the source material of Solo Leveling. The animation is remarkable, accompanied by excellent character development, making the series well worth watching.

Storyline: Summary


In a world where hunters, humans endowed with magical abilities, must confront deadly monsters to safeguard humanity from certain doom, Sung Jinwoo, a notoriously weak hunter, finds himself embroiled in an endless struggle for survival. Following a harrowing ordeal where his party is nearly decimated by an overwhelmingly powerful double dungeon, Jinwoo is unexpectedly chosen by a mysterious program known as the System. Bestowing upon him the exceedingly rare ability to level up his strength, potentially surpassing all known limits, the System selects him as its sole player.

man with a blade

Empowered by this newfound ability, Jinwoo embarks on a perilous journey, battling against a myriad of adversaries, both human and monstrous, as he delves into the secrets of the dungeons and seeks to unravel the true source of his powers. With every encounter, he edges closer to uncovering the mysteries shrouding his existence and the world around him.


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Solo Leveling Can Lead To More Foreign Comic Adaptation


Solo Leveling has become a major hit in the anime scene for the Winter 2024 season, and its success may usher in significant changes in the anime industry. The triumph of this series has the potential to encourage studios to adapt more foreign comics, introducing a diverse range of content to the anime medium. This diversity could benefit the industry for years to come.

Moreover, the success of Solo Leveling might contribute to enhancing the quality of these adaptations. Many adaptations of manhwa and other foreign comics have, at best, featured average production values. Even standout adaptations like Tower of God and The God of High School have faced criticism for their below-average direction.


Three frames, on the left hand side we see a girl with a sword then in the middle we see a guy in black then we see a pair of a girl and a boy


Some of these foreign manhwa that deserve a quality adaptation are from intense action series like Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, The Boxer, and The Breaker, to romantic stories like Seasons Of Blossom and Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! There are more than just these five series that are excellent webtoons and deserve better quality adaptations.

Controversy With Solo Leveling


The notion that “Japan is shown as a bad guy in Solo Leveling” was initially cited as a reason why the series might not be adapted into an anime. However, Crunchyroll’s announcement during the Anime Expo in Los Angeles debunked this speculation when they revealed the anime adaptation of the series. It’s important to note that not all Japanese fans share the same perspective on having a work adapted into anime, especially when Japan is portrayed as an antagonist.

Solo Leveling, originally a Korean series, depicts Japan as a consistent antagonist that consistently attempts to betray Korea whenever the opportunity arises. This unique portrayal led to a different version of Solo Leveling for Japan, handled by A-1 Pictures adaptation. In this version, the lead character was made to be from Japan, and his name was changed to Shun Mizushino, along with alterations to other names. Additionally, the narrative transformed the “bad guy Japan” element from the original series into a fictional country.

The anime “Solo Leveling” is a Korean webtoon that was adapted by the renowned Japanese studio A-1 Pictures. The webtoon has gathered significant popularity among manhwa readers and amassed a large fanbase. Its adaptation into an anime has generated much excitement among fans, who eagerly awaited its release since the announcement by Crunchyroll in Los Angeles.

The anime is replete with numerous action scenes and is imbued with fantasy elements throughout its narrative. The animation quality of the anime lives up to expectations, showcasing the studio’s prowess in delivering top-notch visuals.

The main character of the series is Shun Mizushino, who is depicted as Japanese in the anime. However, in the original webtoon, the character was Korean and named Sun Jinwo. Due to controversies, all names were changed to Japanese, and certain alterations were made to the storyline.


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