Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead – Irony At Its Best

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In a world saturated with anime, where genres typically stand firm within their designated territories, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead emerges as the delightful anomaly of the Summer 2023 season. This animated wonder isn’t content with adhering to a singular identity; instead, it masterfully blends the macabre elements of horror, the biting critique of modern workplaces, and the tender nuances of slice-of-life drama. With an added dash of undead chaos, Zom 100 invites viewers into a surreal universe where the ordinary and the extraordinary engage in a whimsical dance.

As we embark on this unique journey, the lines between horror and heartwarming blur in ways that seem almost unnatural, and that’s precisely what makes Zom 100 an experience like no other. Amid zombie mayhem and office satire, a palpable slice-of-life heart beats steadily beneath the surface, resonating with viewers on levels beyond the sheer thrill of undead encounters. It’s a testament to the anime’s ability to defy categorization, prompting audiences to reconsider their preconceived notions of what an animated series can be.


Akira Tendo: The Unlikely Slice-of-Life Hero



Akira Tendo


In the sprawling realm of slice-of-life anime, where relatability reigns supreme, Zom 100 takes a bold step beyond the norm. The unsuspecting hero at the center of this undead spectacle is none other than Akira Tendo. Juggling the mundane intricacies of a 9-to-5 job with an uncanny ability to navigate the intricacies of the apocalypse, Akira becomes the embodiment of the extraordinary within the ordinary. His character strikes the perfect equilibrium, transforming each routine moment into a heart-pounding escapade that transcends the typical slice-of-life narrative.

Akira’s bro-style camaraderie, joyous outbursts, and nightmarish encounters with shady companies paint a vivid portrait of the boy next door—a neighbour who, in this case, happens to confront zombies during coffee breaks. This balance of the every day and the unbelievable makes Akira a compelling character and elevates Zom 100 into a league of its own. The series seamlessly weaves the mundane with the supernatural, creating a tapestry where the unexpected becomes the new norm.


Corporate Nightmares: From Office Drama to Apocalypse


A stressed out employee


While some slice-of-life series may flirt with the office setting, Zom 100 takes the concept to an unprecedented level. Our unsuspecting protagonist, Akira Tendo, plunges headfirst into the soul-crushing abyss of modern office life. Yet, before viewers can settle into the familiarity of workplace drama, a twisted revelation unfolds—the office morphs into a breeding ground for the undead. Zom 100 skewers the monotony of the 9-to-5 grind and sharpens its satire with a zombie apocalypse twist.

In this unconventional workplace, the series captures the essence of employees’ struggles darkly humorously. The zombie-ridden office reflects the harsh realities of the modern work environment, where the threat of being overwhelmed by the daily grind feels as imminent as a zombie horde. In this ironic fusion of office politics and undead chaos, Zom 100 offers a biting commentary on the perils of contemporary work culture. It’s as if The Office collided with a zombie apocalypse, resulting in a narrative cocktail that is both refreshing and unsettling.


Stakes Higher Than Your Average Slice-of-Life


A boy with blood gushing from his head


In the realm of slice-of-life, tension typically revolves around high school dilemmas or the agonizing wait for acceptance letters. Zom 100 scoffs at mundane worries, cranking the stakes to life-or-death proportions. Akira and his pals aren’t grappling with teenage crushes or academic achievements; they’re in a perpetual battle against hordes of the undead. Zom 100 keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, proving that a slice-of-life anime can be heartwarming and heart-stopping.


The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection: Zom 100’s Production Odyssey


Zom 100: Bucket List of The Dead


Zom 100 soared into anime stardom, flaunting Bug Studio’s visual magic and the deft touch of director Kazuki Kawagoe. However, like a plot twist in a zombie saga, the anime faced a fate as unpredictable as its undead antagonists. Delays began to haunt Zom 100, transforming a promising premiere into a nail-biting waiting game.

Ironically, the production issues plaguing Zom 100 mirrored the harsh realities it dissected within the series. The anime, which peeled back the layers of modern office life’s exploitative nature, was trapped in its corporate nightmare. The relentless delays, akin to the soul-crushing workload experienced by Akira Tendo, painted a darkly ironic picture. Much like their characters, the creators were trapped under challenging conditions, unable to maintain the demanding pace set for the show.


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