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The anime created by Japanese manga artist Gege Akutami is considered one of the best mainstream anime. Its compelling storyline, impressive art, and the artist’s unique character presentations have captivated the anime fandom. One notable aspect that sets the series apart is its avoidance of excessive focus on a single main character. Yuji Itadori, possessed by Sukuna, serves as both the protagonist and antagonist, providing a dynamic narrative. The series also highlights Satoru Gojo, the teacher, who has become a beloved character among anime fans despite being a side character. Gojo’s cool and heroic moments have solidified his status as a fan favorite. Additionally, characters like Megumi and Nobara, friends of Yuji Itadori, have their moments to shine when the story demands.




The first season has captivated viewers with its blend of comedy, intense fighting sequences, compelling story development, and the protagonist’s character growth. The creator consistently
surprises the fandom with the anime’s storyline, beginning with a normal, clumsy, and clueless boy suddenly becoming the main character through significant actions driven by strong willpower. As an anime fan who has experienced various series, this series stands out with its cute and endearing main character, making each moment worth anticipating. Jujutsu Kaisen offers a complete package of intense emotions, ranging from laughter to tear-inducing episodes, ensuring a dynamic and engaging viewing experience. I particularly appreciate the well-crafted female characters in the series, including Nobara Kugisaki, Maki Zenin, Mei Mei, and Iori Utahime. Instead of relying solely on super-powerful male characters, the anime showcases some of the best female characters.

The voice acting adds another layer of excellence, with voices perfectly matching the characters, leading fans to fall in love with their performances. For instance, the voice of Nanami, another powerful character, makes a captivating entrance. The series engages viewers with moments that prompt speculation and create stories about what will happen next, occasionally delivering unexpected twists that contribute to its overall excellence. Personal preferences may vary, but I enjoyed both the opening and closing soundtracks. However, some viewers may find the closing soundtrack annoying in certain episodes because of the timing and the storyline. Despite this, the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen is undoubtedly worth watching and rewatching.






Season two of Jujutsu Kaisen, which started releasing on July 6, is divided into two distinct story arcs: Hidden Inventory and Shibuya Incident. In the first arc, they delve into Gojo’s past with Geto, providing a blessing for fans interested in Geto’s character. The arc showcases the friendship between Gojo and Geto and reveals the reasons behind Geto’s transformation. New powerful
characters are introduced, the past of Fushiguro Toji (the father of Megumi), the childhood of Gojo, Megumi, and the secrets of the zenin clan are revealed. While there are some impressive fight scenes, the arc predominantly focuses on storytelling and demonstrates Gojo’s incredible strength. The slow-paced episodes at the beginning might seem dull, but as the story develops, it becomes truly amazing. The fight between Gojo and Toji leaves viewers in awe, thanks to the outstanding animation and well-crafted angles.

The second arc, the Shibuya Incident, might leave some viewers disappointed due to the seemingly meaningless deaths of many characters. The scenes featuring Sukuna were mostly fighting scenes and the fans of Yuji might get angry with Sukuna for playing with Yuji’s mental health. For Gojo fans, this arc might be somewhat upsetting. Additionally, those who found Mahito cute may have a change of perspective after watching this arc. The fighting scenes, which take the spotlight in this season, may not be as satisfying for some viewers. Once again, Akutami dedicated time to secondary characters like Mechamaru, and their fight scenes were equally cool and left fans amazed. The battles involving Fushiguro, Nanami, Yuji, Sukuna, Jogo,
Mahito, Choso, and others were outstanding. Female characters, particularly Nobara and Meimei, had captivating and well-executed fight scenes, even if they received less screen time. The fight between Nobara with Mahito especially was my favorite because in mainstream anime like this, the main female characters are mostly shown as cute, and weak and are always shown hiding behind the male.

However, Nobara’s fight was amazing; even though she didn’t emerge victorious, she won the hearts of the fandom. Season one had a good balance between story, comedy, and fighting, but this arc leans heavily into fights, leaving some feeling confused. The series concludes with numerous unanswered questions, sparking the creation of fan theories. The season ends with a jaw-dropping moment, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what comes next.





Before the anime series, there was a movie titled ‘Jujutsu Kaisen Zero.‘ The film featured Yuta Okkotsu as the protagonist, whose role was later succeeded by Yuji Itadori in the series.
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as it had a concise 2-hour duration with no loose ends. The story and character developments were top-notch. MAPPA, the animation studio, did an excellent job, particularly in the second half with amazing fighting scenes. The choreography of the fights was stylish, featuring bright colors and brilliant animation. The music in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ is consistently outstanding, and you can vibe with the songs all day long. The movie also included humor in certain scenes, adding an extra layer of entertainment.


Overall if you are an anime weeb this series is a must to watch and talk about. The characters in this series are very entertaining and you will fall in love with so many characters at the same time. So, It can be difficult to have only one favorite character in this anime. As much as you will like the heroes you will also fall for the villains because of their cuteness and good looks. The series has been commendable, although some fans felt disappointed with the recent release of season two. However, the future of the anime promises to unveil new secrets. If you appreciate good animation, engaging stories, and a variety of emotions, and enjoy action-packed shounen anime, Jujutsu Kaisen is a must-watch.


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