ANIMAL A Cinematic Marvel With Questionable Story Choices

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In 2023, the silver screen witnessed the release of ANIMAL, a blockbuster film boasting stellar performances by an incredible cast. Despite the captivating acting and top-tier talent, the film’s narrative has raised eyebrows, as it seems to stumble on its way to delivering a socially responsible message.

The storyline, which revolves around parents seemingly indifferent to their offspring turning into villains, leaves viewers puzzled. While the intention might have been to shed light on the consequences of anger and neglect, the execution has unfortunately led to a problematic portrayal.

One of the key concerns is the intertwining of patriarchy with the concept of Alpha males, creating a narrative that blurs the lines of equality. The film’s attempt to portray certain characters as heroic despite their questionable actions raises questions about the underlying messages being conveyed.





ANIMAL is not an isolated case in the realm of cinema, with other releases like Kabir Singh sharing similar pitfalls. However, it’s intriguing whether such films unintentionally prompt a positive shift in the industry. Could they inadvertently prompt filmmakers to adopt a more socially responsible approach?

Interestingly, these films, with their controversial narratives, might be inadvertently pushing the boundaries of societal expectations. When juxtaposed with movies like “Barbie” and “Luckiest Girl Alive,” known for their socially responsible and realistic portrayals, ANIMAL and its counterparts bring the conversation about societal influence through art to the forefront.

In the grand scheme of things, cinema is a powerful tool that can shape and reflect societal perspectives. While “ANIMAL” might fall short of delivering a clear and responsible message, its existence in the film landscape sparks discussions about the influence of art on societal norms.

As audiences, it is crucial to engage in these conversations, holding filmmakers accountable for the narratives they choose to portray. The beauty of cinema lies not just in its ability to entertain but also in its potential to provoke thought and initiate change.

As a woman, my experience watching the film was one of the most unpleasant I’ve had. Beyond the film’s content, one of the factors contributing to my dislike was the distressing realization that young boys were verbally mistreating every innocent female character on screen. It left me with a strong sense that our generation is perilously close to losing its emotional connection.

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