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The Flash: To Watch Or To Not Watch?

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As soon as James Gunn took the throne of DC, he set out on a mission to completely redesign the universe that it has built up until now.

Everyone was excited and concerned at the same time for the future of DC. There is hope that DC can change things up and produce more fun and interesting superhero movies with James Gunn in charge.


James Gunn’s Questionable Actions


James Gunn
James Gunn


He has already demonstrated a willingness to take chances and push limits in his past work, and his style and sensibilities are perfectly suited to the vivid and imaginative world of DC comics.

However, his decision-making skills are already under scrutiny after the firing of Henry Cavill, who was the perfect cast for a modern iteration of Superman.

The director of DC is now under major fire from fans as the man has stated that he will bring about a fresh timeline that would be completely unrelated to the current DCEU. Meaning that the majority of the actors in DC are most likely to be let go so as to hire young blood for DC’s future projects.

James Gunn was not hesitant when stating that Henry Cavill is officially no longer the actor for Superman. However, the same cannot be said for Ezra Miller, the current actor for the Flash in the DCEU. If there is any actor who deserves to be removed from DC, the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them actor would be at the top of the list.


Did You Know This About The Flash?


  • Henry Cavill’s Superman was added to the film via reshoots but was subsequently removed after the decision to recast Superman for the next era of DC Films.
  • It was said that they had a number of “episodes” on the movie set, where they had been challenging to work with, after Ezra Miller’s arrests.
  • The release date of June 23, 2023, coincides with the 34th anniversary of the release of Batman, in which Michael Keaton made his debut as Bruce Wayne. It also serves as a milestone celebration for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), as Man of Steel came out on June 14, 2013, making The Flash available just over a week after the tenth anniversary of the DC film franchise.
  • Ezra Miller once enlisted the help of renowned comic book author Grant Morrison to co-write a new script, but the studio turned it down.


Disturbing Success


A man with curly hair
Ezra Miller


Ezra Miller’s selection to play the DC superhero The Flash has been the subject of considerable criticism, with some claiming that it is unethical to keep using him in the role. Several charges of misbehavior have been made against the actor, including a video that surfaced in 2020 showing him physically assaulting a fan.

Despite this, Warner Bros. has confirmed that Ezra Miller will be reprising his part as The Flash in the upcoming movie of the same name. The actor has remained committed to the character.

Additionally, maintaining Ezra Miller in the position of The Flash communicates the message that the trauma and experiences of victims of violence are unimportant and is a slap in the face to them.

It serves as a stark reminder that individuals in positions of authority can get away with nearly anything, while those who suffer injury must bear the repercussions on their own.

Warner Bros. has not treated these charges seriously enough, despite the fact that everyone deserves a fair trial and the chance to defend oneself against accusations.

The company’s response to the video showing Ezra Miller hitting a fan was shamefully insufficient, and the actor was permitted to keep working with no real repercussions.

It all comes down to personal preference whether or not fans should watch The Flash. The movie may be a fun and thrilling experience for fans of superhero movies who are intrigued by the character of the Flash and are prepared to take a chance on the DCEU.

Those who are less enthusiastic about the franchise or the character might choose to hold off on making a choice until after they have seen how the film is received.

Whether or whether fans decide to watch the Flash movie, it is obvious that the DCEU is going through a time of change and transformation.


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