Dear God, If You Exist, Please Don’t Take Anything More And Don’t Give Anything More : Weathering With You

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In 2022, Makoto Shinkai once again graced anime fans with another blockbuster, another beautiful gift showcased during the Makoto Shinkai Film Festival. The movie, an anime fantasy masterpiece, delves into the realm of weather, specifically the enchanting season of rain. Throughout the viewing experience, one can’t help but be immersed in the beauty of rain, almost feeling as though Shinkai crafted this narrative to explore and showcase the mesmerizing animation of rainfall.

The film boasts stunning artistry, capturing the intricacies of water droplets and presenting other visually captivating animated scenes that truly mesmerize the audience. Both the writing and editing of the movie have Shinkai’s signature touch, marking it as one of his best works.

The animation and music contribute significantly to the film’s allure, creating a sensory experience that resonates with viewers. However, despite these strengths, the storyline could have been more robust, as it fell short of reaching its full potential. While I enjoyed the animation, music, and overall cinematic experience, a more compelling narrative could have elevated the movie to greater heights.


The film follows the journey of a young girl blessed with the extraordinary ability to summon sunshine through her prayers to God, alongside a young boy in search of employment after leaving his home. As another creation by Makoto Shinkai, the movie introduces a unique concept infused with divine elements. While the narrative diverges from the intricate depth of ‘Your Name,’ the innovative premise of a girl influencing the weather injects a sense of novelty and fascination, particularly in the initial stages of the film. The movie sets off on a promising note, with well-crafted side characters that have the potential to enrich the storyline further. However, as the narrative unfolded, I encountered certain segments that proved confounding, leaving me grappling to fully comprehend them. Despite this, the initial allure of the novel concept and the engaging side characters continued to resonate.

The film’s strengths lie in its captivating start, offering a glimpse into a world where characters and their abilities are intriguingly introduced. The potential of well-developed side characters could have served as an additional layer to enhance the overall story. Despite encountering moments of confusion, the movie maintains an element of curiosity, keeping the audience engaged in the unfolding divine essence crafted by Makoto Shinkai. The subjective nature of whether the story is considered good or not varies from person to person, and I found it challenging to forge a connection with the narrative. Furthermore, after the interval, it started to seem somewhat dull to me.

Nevertheless, the allure of Makoto Shinkai’s distinctive animation style, coupled with the captivating music, and the undeniable fact that it was a creation by Shinkai himself, motivated me to persist and watch the movie through to its conclusion.

The animation, true to Shinkai’s form, was both exceptional and otherworldly. Additionally, the musical score, while resonant with the signature music of ‘Your Name,’ added a unique charm to the overall viewing experience. A truly memorable highlight for me occurred during the movie when Mitsuha and Taki from ‘Your Name’ made an unexpected guest appearance.

Despite its brevity, their sudden presence, even if just for a fleeting second, evoked a flood of emotions. For those familiar with ‘Your Name,’ this cameo served as a touching reminder of the trials and love endured by those characters, vividly resurrecting their journey. This brief yet powerful moment added an emotional layer, leaving an indelible impact on the overall movie experience.




Animation is a must in all the movies of Makoto Shinkai, be it ‘Your Name,’ ‘Suzume,’ or any other creation. Shinkai consistently upholds a standard of excellence in the animation department, never compromising on the visual richness of his films. Every element, from raindrops to clouds, sunsets to cityscapes, and the wide-ranging landscape of Tokyo, is meticulously and realistically created with intricate details, showcasing the filmmaker’s unwavering commitment to exceptional animation. In this particular animated Japanese fantasy romance, the animation truly stands out as a testament to Shinkai’s artistry. Shinkai’s dedication to delivering outstanding animation elevates the viewing experience, making the movie a truly enchanting visual feast.




The soundtrack has a resemblance to that of ‘Your Name,’ and, in reality, it was not only good but also immensely pleasing. The film’s musical composition managed to evoke a sense of nostalgia while offering a fresh and delightful auditory experience. What stood out was the adept use of various ambient sounds, contributing to a heightened sense of realism. The incorporation of sounds like rain and city life enhanced the immersive quality of the movie, making the auditory experience as captivating as the visual. Moreover, the voice acting in the film –was truly commendable, with performances that seamlessly suited each character.

I found immense joy in watching ‘Weathering With You‘ as it not only brought back fond memories of ‘Your Name’ but also showcased the exquisite beauty of rain and weather, a signature concept in Shinkai’s films. The main characters, Mitsuha and Taki, along with the well-crafted side characters, added depth and allure to the movie. The animation was outstanding, particularly in the rain scenes, which felt both amazing and otherworldly.

The landscapes, including city life, broken buildings, and the heartfelt moments of Mitsuha praying for sunshine, were all rendered with breathtaking detail. The film beautifully captures the charm of everyday life, showcasing mundane activities like cooking and cycling in a truly enchanting manner. These ordinary yet intimate moments were presented with finesse, making the movie truly top-notch, and I found myself thoroughly captivated by its depiction of daily life. The soundtrack further added to the immersive experience, featuring ambient sounds of rain, city life, and subtle background nuances that contributed to the overall beauty of the movie.

Despite the occasional dull moments in the storyline, the film excelled in conveying the beauty of life through its visuals, sounds, and small, ordinary details. The power of the movie lies in its ability to evoke a sense of appreciation for the simplicity and elegance found in the routines of daily life. While words may fall short in expressing it fully, the film’s other aspects, aside from the narrative, truly shine and make it a genuinely beautiful cinematic experience.”

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