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Demon Slayer: The Hashira Training, 2024 Introducing a New Chapter in the Anime

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The Hashira Training, 2024

Demon Slayer, also known as Kimetsu No Yaiba, is an anime based on the manga created by Koyoharu Gotoge. The latest movie in the series, titled “The Hashira Training” has recently been unveiled. The film premiered in Japanese theaters on February 2, 2024, and within a few weeks, by February 23, 2024, it saw a global release. The movie has proven to be a massive success, making a significant impact in the US box office during its first week of release.

Following the conclusion of Season 3 (Swordsman Village Arc) on June 18, 2023, fans eagerly awaited further developments in the story, and the release of this movie served as an exciting and anticipated update. The visuals of the movie are amazing as always with the gripping storyline.


About: Demon Slayer

The series has a total of three seasons and 2 movies, including this recently released film, proving to be a tremendous success. The 1st season, the Unwavering Resolve Arc (2019), starts with the introduction of Tanjiro’s family and their tragic demise. The story develops as he embarks on a journey to save his sister. Many instances occur during the journey, but Tanjiro remains steadfast in his quest, forming friendships along the way.

Then came the first movie, Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train (2020), which turned out to be a massive success, grossing a total box office collection of 50.71 crore USD. The movie was thoroughly satisfying with beautiful animation that transported every visual to another world, a well-crafted storyline, and entertainment throughout.


Cartoon characters ready for a fight
Demon Slayer: Mugen Train


Moving on to season 2, it featured two arcs – the Mugen Train arc, where the movie was adapted into the series format, and The Entertainment District Arc. Both storylines explored Hashira’s work and their methods of combating demons. Following this, the 3rd season, Swordsmith Village Arc (2023), was released, unveiling many new secrets and captivating scenes. Additionally, this year saw the release of the second movie named Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba- To The Hashira Training.

The music tracks of the series are amazingly beautiful, perfectly complementing the series and the moments they are being played. The voice actors did an outstanding job, matching the characters perfectly and showcasing the emotions flawlessly. Overall, the series is totally amazing. Many aspects of the series will compel you to watch it, but there are some especially extraordinary elements: the animation, the storyline, and the music. These three components collectively contribute to the exceptional appeal of Demon Slayer.


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The series is renowned for its exceptional animation, a breathtaking visual spectacle that leaves viewers completely amazed. Ufotable Studio, the creative force behind Demon Slayer, has pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved visually in anime. Every scene in the series is meticulously crafted with precision, resulting in stunning animation that captivates audiences.

From exquisitely choreographed fight scenes to meticulously designed landscapes, every aspect, including characters’ clothing and subtle expressions, is crafted with such beauty that the visual experience alone makes it worth watching. The attention to detail and the dedication to visual excellence elevate Demon Slayer to a level where its animation becomes a defining feature of the series


With such beautiful animation, don’t assume that Demon Slayer is solely about visuals; the series boasts a well-crafted storyline set in an imaginative and magical world. In this realm, demons lurk in the shadows of towns at night, preying on humans. Powerful demon slayers work tirelessly to save humanity from these ruthless creatures.

The narrative captivates you from the series’ start to its conclusion, with surprising twists and turns that leave you eagerly anticipating what will happen next as each season concludes. The series is a complete package of emotions, delving into themes of family love, struggle, triumph, supernatural elements, and much more, making it truly worth the watch.


After delving into all these aspects, it would be remiss not to praise the breathtaking soundtrack of the series. The beautiful musical compositions, both instrumental and vocal, are truly amazing and seamlessly align with the scenes they accompany; each song complements the series impeccably. These tracks elevate the mood and provide additional depth to the storyline.

From the Gurenge theme song to the heart-wrenching melodies that play in sad moments, and the beautiful opening theme songs from Homura by Lisa to Akeboshi by Lisa, every song is remarkable. While most of the soundtracks in Demon Slayer are from the famous Japanese artist Lisa, other talented singers have also graced the series with their beautiful songs.

The series stands as a milestone in the anime universe, watched by nearly everyone and often recommended to those venturing into anime for the first time. It serves as an adaptation of the Demon Slayer manga created by Koyoharu Gotouge, a Japanese manga artist. The anime is a comprehensive package for those seeking a shonen manga experience.

It boasts top-notch animation, meticulously choreographed fighting scenes, breathtaking landscapes, well-developed characters, and a plethora of emotions. If you are looking for an anime to watch for the first time or if you are waiting to watch a shonen anime with amazing fighting scenes, watch this anime and you will never regret it.

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