Article 370 A Beacon for Female Strength in Cinema

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Beyond Politics: A Story of Hope and Hardship

While this movie delves into a politically charged topic, reports suggest the film focuses on the human stories


Article 370 offered a glimpse of hope that cinema remains vibrant and true to its originality, untouched by myths and false notions of alpha masculinity. It exemplified the essence of pure art. In the film, Yami Gautam’s portrayal of Zooni leading a Military squad, alongside Priyamani as Rajeshwari Swaminathan, who plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process at the PMO, was revolutionary.

These two exceptional women truly shined in the movie, challenging the norm that only men can lead in films. It was groundbreaking in its demonstration that women can take the helm in cinema, breaking barriers and paving the way for more inclusive and diverse storytelling.


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Movie Made Sure To Chew The Political Terms


Entertainment is known to be a very crucial art form that helps us understand a concept with ease, back in school our teachers used PowerPoint presentations and some YouTube videos to clear our doubts and help us understand the subject better, similarly, this movie made our understanding of Article 370 easier.

Aditya Dhar who is especially known to have directed U.R.I. the producer of the film, we must admit that these two films make our Positive Patriotism shine. This movie made sure that we can teach anything through entertainment

Yami Gautam’s “Article 370” Ignites Controversy: Banned Abroad, Booming at Home


Yami Gautam’s latest film, Article 370, is making headlines for both its box office success in India and its surprising ban in Gulf countries. This political drama tackles the sensitive topic of the abrogation of Article 370, sparking conversation and igniting controversy.

Blossoming at the Box Office, Blocked Abroad


Despite the Gulf region ban, Article 370 is flourishing domestically. The film opened strong, raking in over ₹15 crore ($1.8 million USD) in its first two days, a testament to both Gautam’s star power and the audience’s interest in the film’s subject matter. This success is likely fueled by positive word-of-mouth, suggesting viewers are connecting with the film’s portrayal of human resilience amidst social and political turmoil.

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