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Hindi Movies: Exploring An Artist’s Psyche

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Hindi Movies
Qala and Jagan


The journey of an artist cannot reach without its own share of struggle and sacrifices. During these times, the true caliber of an artist is realized and he/she tries to push the limits.

The message of Qala movie is about reaching one’s full potential without getting trapped in the vicious cycle of constantly striving for perfection.

The movie highlights how being a perfectionist can harm an individual’s mental and emotional well-being, leading to feelings of inadequacy and never being good enough.

As portrayed through the central conflict between a mother and daughter, Qala emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and refraining from comparison with others.

The plot revolves around the themes of recognition, envy, and parenting, which add depth to the movie’s storyline. The aim of the movie is to elucidate the fact that the pursuit of excellence should not be motivated by a need to impress others or maintain a certain image.




A man riding a bike while a girl holds him from behind
Jordan and Heer


The idea of love and music may seem intriguing but that is not the central theme of the movie Rockstar. The film portrays the journey of an aspiring musician named Janardan Jakhar a.k.a. Jordan, who is pursuing heartbreak as a source of inspiration to fuel his passion for music.

Although the first half of the movie appears to be a romantic comedy, the second half delves deeper into the implications of such a desire. It highlights the importance of being cautious while choosing a path with an uncertain destination, as the end result may not always align with our expectations.

Despite achieving his goals, Jordan is unable to cope with the pain that comes with it, portraying the message that we must always consider the consequences of our actions before taking a particular course.




A distressed man being consoled by a woman
Vijay and Gulabo


Guru Dutt is an iconic figure in the Indian cinema industry who was far ahead of his time. To understand the significance of this statement, it is imperative that you watch any of his directorial works.

One of his acclaimed movies, Pyaasa, released in 1957, delves deep into the fickleness of society towards artists and powerful people who often exploit another person’s artwork for their benefit.

The protagonist, Vijay, has a deep distrust for the materialistic world, and he longs to break free from all the ties with his so-called friends. The plot of the movie has many layers to it, and it holds great relevance, even in today’s time.

To uncover the true essence of this timeless classic, one must watch it without any spoilers or preconceptions.




A woman and a blind man drinking juice
Sophie and Akash


Andhadhun is a movie that features an interesting insight into the mindset of an artist who strives to improve his or her craft. Despite not delving too deeply into this particular aspect, the film shows how the protagonist, Akash, pretends to be blind to the world in order to work on his ongoing piano piece.

This character quirk highlights the artist’s desire to challenge their boundaries but also raises questions about the potential risks and repercussions of this approach. Essentially, the film suggests that artists may need to adopt unconventional methods to improve their creative output, but must be mindful of the potential consequences of doing so.




A man and a woman enjoying each others company
Ethan Mascarenhas and Sofia D’Souza


Guzaarish is a unique movie that captures the emotional journey of an artist struggling to come to terms with the end of his career. The film revolves around a magician who has become a paraplegic and wants to end his life through euthanasia, all while trying to pass on his magical legacy to another aspiring magician.

Amidst all of this, he reflects on the highs and lows of his career, reflecting on his achievements and regrets. Guzaarish is a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and how the art of a person can continue to inspire future generations.

In the movie, the protagonist’s emotional turmoil is portrayed in a way that most viewers can relate to. The film depicts the challenges artists face when they have to navigate a sudden end to their careers, showcasing their vulnerability and humanity.

Through its portrayal of the magician’s struggle, Guzaarish emphasizes the importance of taking a step back to reflect on one’s life and make peace with one’s choices. The movie also highlights the significance of passing on one’s knowledge and experience to the next generation, ensuring that the artistry lives on.


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