Shaitan Trailer Where R Madhavan Is Not A Nayak

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the remake of the popular horror-thriller Gujarati film “Vash” (2023), has been in the works for some time. The teaser, released on January 25, also revealed the star cast of the upcoming horror film.

Earlier this week, Ajay Devgan also posted multiple posters of the movie starring Jyotika, R Madhavan alongside him. Queen director Vikas Bahl was approached to direct the film, he shared that he doesn’t watch horror films and he wasn’t sure if he should direct this film. That is when Ajay Devgan told him, “Agar darr lagta he, you are the right person to direct Shaitan!” The trailer, released on 22 February, gives us a gist of what the movie is all about.


About Shaitan Trailer:


Kabir and his family, are on a family vacation when they let a stranger into their house after the man claims that he needs to contact his daughter but isn’t able to as he needs to charge his phone first. He convinces Kabir (Ajay Devgan) despite his wife (Jyotika) insisting and asking Kabir to tell the stranger to leave.

But it’s too late. As shown in the trailer, Ajay Devgan forcefully tries to take him out, and that is when his daughter (Janki Bodiwala) comes in between and stops him. The turning point in the main plot is when Madhavan’s character explains that he is going to take their daughter Jhanvi with him and the young girl is under his “Vashikaran”, control.

At the trailer launch, Ajay Devgan shared how he felt working with all of them he stated, “They are all fantastic actors, and everyone knows that. She (Janki) has out-performed everybody, this young talent is simply fabulous!”.

Jyotika when asked about her character said that ‘There is no greater warrior than a mother’ and further implied that her kids are the age of her on-screen children. She then stated, “She didn’t have to put in any effort” as she told the media about a mother’s instinct and their vision.


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The trailer shows us a glimpse of how much Jhanvi is under the influence of the devil that they invited into their home without knowing the consequences. They make constant attempts to fight him and free their daughter before the mysterious man succeeds at whatever he is planning to achieve.

Ajay Devgan and Jyotika delve into the concept of Indian black magic, instigating feelings of fear and horror. With exceptional performances by the stellar star cast, the story will captivate the audience into sitting on the edge of their seats. This will be the first-time audience will get to witness Madhavan in a negative role; the supernatural thriller promises astonishing performances by the cast presented by Jio Studios, Devgan Films, and Panaroma Studios and producers Jyoti Deshpande, Kumar Mangat Pathak, and Abhishek Pathak.

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