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Alia Bhatt’s Courteous Response At Poacher Trailer Launch Goes Viral

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Alia Bhatt was recently seen at the trailer launch of the upcoming Amazon Prime series Poacher by Emmy award-winning director Richie Mehta in Mumbai. During the event, the actress had a witty response when the host called her a ‘Global Icon’.

Poacher is the second project which is co-produced by Alia Bhatt’s Eternal Sunshine Productions. The event took a hilarious turn when the actress started to get awkward after the host insisted on taking a minute to share the actor’s achievement and praise her. This candid moment grasped the viewer’s attention and instantly went viral.

Alia Bhatt, The Co-producer



The actress simply denied it and said that she could later on tell her about it in her ear which was very modest of her. The actor giggled off and was probably expecting to move on to the questions. The host asked how ‘global icon’ sounds. to which Alia Bhatt gave a witty response by saying, “No no no, please. I’m gonna walk off  stage.” Alia Bhatt rose to international fame after RRR and her portrayal of Keya Dhawan in Heart of Stone alongside Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan.

Earlier this year, the Gangubai Kathiawadi actress was awarded with Honorary Entertainment Makers award in Saudi Arabia’s Joy Awards 2024 which was also attended by Salman Khan, Quincy Jones, and Georgina Rodriguez among others.

After mesmerizing the audience with her stellar performances in Indian cinema, she has also made her mark in the fashion industry as Alia is also the first-time Indian brand ambassador for GUCCI. So, the anchor calling the star a global icon was only fair! The actress shared that she met the Delhi Crime director Richie Mehta in 2022 and that is when Richie Mehta pitched her the idea and introduced the actor to the world of Poacher.

The show features Alia Bhatt’s Darlings costar Roshan Mathew, Nimisha Sajayan who was previously seen in Chithha (2023), and Dibyendhu Bhattacharya.

Poacher- ‘Murder is Murder’



The series is inspired by real-life incidents that are based on the injustice done against elephants and how ivory poaching is still practiced silently. It hasn’t been confirmed by the makers yet but the story might be connected to the Malayattoor case in Kerala where a gang of poachers killed as many as 14 wild elephants for their tusks.

The story brings forward a team of police constables, NGO workers, and forest officers working together to unravel the suspects behind the murders of elephants which turns out to be
a part of something bigger than they imagined.

An international racket! The trailer ensembles some powerful scenes one of which is at the end when Nimisha Sajayan says,” These monsters built a 10.5 nil industry by murdering innocent animals” In response to this the police officer asks “What is nil?”. This emphasizes the fact that animal hunting is an industry that involves big money like a ‘mammoth sum of money’ and how the common people aren’t even aware of the term nil which is “Rs 1 Crore Crore”.

Earlier this week, Amazon Prime also released a video message under the caption ‘A crime against the voiceless is still a crime. After all, murder is murder. The show starts streaming on February 23 in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. Animal Poaching is a serious crime not only in India but across the globe.

Even though the punishment for it is severe, poaching and other illegal activities that involve animal cruelty are still practiced. As of now, too many details about the show are not revealed to maintain the suspense. But it will surely be an exciting ride with the visionary director Richie Mehta’s compelling storytelling which will keep the audience truly hooked until the end.

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