Spring Anime Season 2024

Spring Anime Season 2024: Some Of The Most Anticipated Releases

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Spring anime season 2024, from April to June, is poised to excite fans by releasing numerous highly anticipated anime series and movies. Fans can eagerly anticipate many new anime offerings as winter transitions into spring. With a wide array of shows and movie premieres on the horizon, it can be challenging to keep track of them all. There are a multitude of fantastic shows coming our way. It’s an exciting time for anime enthusiasts as they eagerly await the arrival of these new and highly anticipated releases.

The winter of 2024 saw the release of many highly anticipated anime series, including ongoing ones like Solo Leveling and several others receiving new seasons and movies. Titles like “Haikyuu the Movie: Battle at the Garbage Dump” (released on February 16 in Japan), “Classroom of the Elite” season 3, “Blue Exorcist” season 3, and “Demon Slayer: To The Hashira Training“, among others, have captivated audiences throughout the season. As winter draws to a close, spring brings fresh air to the anime community, with many beloved series slated for release during this vibrant season. Below are some of the highly anticipated anime titles.


Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3 (April 5, 2024)


That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime poster


The release date for That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3 has finally been confirmed for April 5, 2024, along with unveiling a new trailer and announcements regarding the cast. The series’ new end theme, ‘Believer’ by Rin Kurusu, has also been revealed. Previously, in December, the anime had hinted at an April 2024 release window, which has now been officially confirmed, according to Anime News Network.

The upcoming season 3 of ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime‘ will delve into the Saint-Monster Confrontation story arc. This arc will showcase a confrontation between the Jura-Tempest Federation and the Holy Empire of Lubelius, which have previously opposed Rimuru’s group.


Anime: Kaiju No. 8 (April 13, 2024)


Kaiju No. 8 poster


Kaiju No. 8“, set to debut on April 13, 2024, is an eagerly anticipated action-packed series. It transports viewers to a world under constant siege by gigantic monsters known as Kaiju. To fend off these monstrous threats, humanity bands together under the banner of the Japan Defense Force. The narrative centres around Kafka Hibino, a young individual aspiring to serve in the Defense Force. However, fate takes a different turn when he finds himself employed by Monster Sweeper, Inc., a company specializing in cleaning up the aftermath of Kaiju attacks.


Blue Lock: Episode Nagi (April 19, 2024 in Japan) [Movie]


Blue Lock: Episode Nagi poster


Another highly anticipated release that fans eagerly await is “Blue Lock“, with the upcoming movie “Blue Lock: Episode Nagi” scheduled to premiere on April 19. However, this news may not be as exciting for international fans, as the movie is set to be exclusively screened in Japanese theatres for now. No information is available regarding an international release date, but updates are expected once the movie premiered in Japan. Fans worldwide have eagerly anticipated the release of “Blue Lock: Episode Nagi“, a prequel and spinoff based on the manga series. This installment focuses on the journeys of Nagi Seishiro and Reo Mikage, two beloved prodigies from the “Blue Lock” universe.


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Anime: Re: Monster (April 2024)


Re: Monster


Scheduled to premiere on April 4, the anime adaptation of “Re: Monster“, helmed by director Takayuki Inagaki and produced by Studio DEEN, is highly anticipated. With character designs by Junichi Takaoka and music composed by Go Sakabe, the series promises an immersive experience. The opening theme, a collaboration between Chansung and AK-69, adds to the excitement. It will air on Tokyo MX and BS11 on April 4 and TV Hokkaido on April 12. The storyline follows the adventures of Omokui Kanata, who, despite meeting an untimely demise, finds himself reincarnated in a fantastical world of monsters and magic—as a humble goblin named Gob-Rou. Yet, Kanata refuses to let this setback deter him as he embarks on new adventures.


Anime: My Hero Academia Season 7 (May 4, 2024)


My Hero Academia


In July 2014, “My Hero Academia” began its serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump. The series, following the journey of Midoriya Izuku, a boy aspiring to be a hero like All Might, has reached impressive heights. In Spring 2023, “My Hero Academia” Season 6 concluded, marking a significant milestone. Now, anticipation builds as Season 7 is set to debut on May 4, 2024, as announced during Jump Festa 24. Midoriya’s story takes an unexpected turn when he discovers he lacks a Quirk, but a chance encounter with All Might sparks a glimmer of hope, setting the stage for a thrilling adventure ahead. With 39 manga volumes already compiled, “My Hero Academia” continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


Anime: KonoSuba Season 3




In January 2016 and January 2017, Japan saw Seasons 1 and 2 airing “KonoSuba.” The film “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson” followed in August 2019. Initially slated for a 2024 release, “KonoSuba” Season 3 has now been confirmed to be part of the Spring 2024 lineup, marking the anticipated return of Kazuma, Darkness, Aqua, and Megumin.

Following a hiatus, fans were treated to a spinoff series 2023 titled “KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!” which focused on the adventures of the explosive mage Megumin. In 2024, the entire gang reunites for more laughter and fantasy. The story revolves around Kazuma’s chance at a new life in a magical land after his untimely demise, promising another exciting chapter for fans of the series.


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