Abigail: Mixing Classic Horror With A Smidge Of Cheesiness

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Abigail throws you headfirst into a thrilling kidnapping gone wrong. A group of desperate criminals, led by the ever-so-slightly-unhinged Edgar (played with manic glee by Eddie Marsan), snatch what they believe to be the easy mark – the young daughter of a powerful underworld figure. They drive her to a secluded mansion, anticipating a hefty ransom and a luxurious getaway. However, their opulent dreams quickly turn into a blood-soaked nightmare when they discover their captive, Abigail (channelling a steely stare that would make even the most hardened criminal whimper), is not quite what they expected. Turns out, Abigail is a terrifying vampire with a particular fondness for human flesh, and these hapless kidnappers are suddenly on the menu.


Does It Work As A Horror? Well, Yes, But Actually…




The film delivers on the gore, with plenty of jump scares and practical effects that will make you squirm. However, some of the acting, particularly from the less experienced cast members, can be a bit stiff. The dialogue occasionally falls flat as well, relying on horror tropes and cliches that can feel predictable. This, combined with a somewhat formulaic plot in the first half, keeps Abigail from being a truly chilling horror experience. That being said, if you can look past these shortcomings and embrace the film’s B-movie sensibilities, Abigail can still be a lot of fun.

While the horror isn’t groundbreaking, it’s undeniably effective in spurts. The jump scares are well-timed, and the practical effects, while not on par with a blockbuster budget, have a gruesome charm. The suspense builds effectively as the body count rises and the characters realize the gravity of their situation. However, these moments of genuine horror are undercut by the occasional awkward line reading or predictable plot beat. If you’re a seasoned horror fan looking for something truly terrifying, Abigail might leave you wanting more. But for those who appreciate a good B-movie scare with a side of cheese, Abigail is a bloody good time.

Why Does Abigail Work So Good As A Cheesy Horror?


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Lean in to the cheese factor, and Abigail becomes a delightful B-movie romp. The over-the-top violence is oddly satisfying in a way that reminds you of cult classics like Evil Dead. The splatter is plentiful, and the practical effects, while low-budget, have a certain charm that CGI just can’t replicate. The campy dialogue adds another layer of entertainment.

Lines like “We kidnapped a f*cking vampire. A ballerina vampire…!” are so bad they’re good, eliciting unintentional laughs that perfectly complement the film’s absurd tone. Eddie Marsan’s performance as Edgar is a comedic highlight. He chews the scenery with unhinged glee, his increasingly desperate attempts to survive providing most of the film’s laughs.

Abigail herself is a scene-stealer. The young actress playing her perfectly captures the character’s icy demeanour, but her occasional deadpan delivery adds an unexpected layer of humour, especially when she dispenses witty one-liners amidst the carnage.

But the cheesiness isn’t just about the gore and the dialogue. The film’s entire aesthetic leans into the B-movie camp. From the overused spooky mansion setting to the outrageous costumes (think oversized vampire capes and trenchcoats galore), Abigail never takes itself too seriously. This self-aware humour allows the audience to relax and enjoy the ride, even when things get gory or silly.

Abigail’s Horror Turns to Action with Cliffhanger Lore Twist




Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Abigail throws a surprising twist into the mix. The film abruptly shifts gears into full-blown action as the remaining characters, bloodied and battered, are forced to band together for survival. This unexpected turn is a welcome change of pace, showcasing some genuinely thrilling fight choreography and practical effects. But the true surprise comes in the form of hinted lore and subtle vampire family nuances delivered by a character we thought we would never get to see.

This revelation hints at a deeper mythology surrounding Abigail’s origin and the reason behind her bloodthirsty rampage. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a world beyond the isolated mansion, leaving the audience with more questions than answers. This cliffhanger ending sets the stage perfectly for a potential sequel, hinting at a larger conflict brewing in the shadows.

If you’re looking for a serious horror film, this might not be it. However, if you’re in the mood for a cheesy good time with blood, guts, and a surprising twist, then Abigail is definitely worth a watch. Just grab some popcorn, suspend your disbelief, and enjoy the ride.


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