Thelma and Louise

Thelma And Louise: Much Needed Ending

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A Little About The Plot Line:

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis play two women on a road trip who turn into outlaws when one of them murders a man who tried to rape the other in the 1991 film “Thelma & Louise,” directed by Ridley Scott. The movie discusses issues including sisterhood, empowerment, and sexual assault.

The connection between Callie Khouri, a writer, and Pam Tillis, a singer, is similar to the bond between Thelma and Louise.

When Callie was working as a waitress at a Nashville bar, the two connected and quickly grew close. Both had creative aspirations but were constrained by the boys’ club atmosphere of their respective fields.

Thelma and Louise also show the side of society where a lady (if she manages to push herself towards freedom) that women would be happily killed if they start to pinpoint facts built only for the ladies, calling it “Social norms”.

“You get what you settle for”

Two ladies smiling while taking a selfie
Thelma and Louise taking a photo together

Release Date 24th May 1991 (United States Of America)
Primary Cast Susan Sarandon – Louise Sawyer
Geena Davis – Thelma Dickinson 
Harvey Keitel – Hal Slocumb (Police Detective)
Michael Madsen – Jimmy Lennox
Christopher McDonald – Darryl Dickinson
Brad Pitt – J.D.
Timothy Carhart – Harlan Puckett
Jason Beghe – State Trooper
Lucinda Jenney – Lena
Stephen Tobolowsky – Max (FBI agent)
Directed By Ridley Scott
Written By Callie Khouri
Produced By Ridley Scott and Mimi Polk Gitlin

If we look at this movie from an entertainment point of view it holds us tight and keeps up our interest since the viewer wants to know if the ladies manage to escape and live happily ever after. 

“In the future, when a woman’s crying like that, she isn’t having any fun!”

Woman holding a gun to a mans head
Thelma holding a gun to a man’s head

Sacrificing The Lady:

This movie gives us the bitter taste of life where a lady is happily sacrificed if it comes to her, we see it every day, a mother sacrificing her sleep because she is assumed to be the natural caregiver.

A girlfriend sacrifices her career to have a perfect married life with her partner, a lady takes up a less-paying job to settle down with her in-laws and whatnot.

However, as soon as she learns to say “No”, as soon as she says “I want this” she is shamed for being too arrogant, demanding, unloving, and selfish. 

“Somebody said get a life… so they did.”

The movie is a masterpiece of its time, a work of art, it surely made the 21st century more palatable for the feminist movements.

The feminist ideas and the representation of strong, independent female characters in “Thelma & Louise” have received high praise. It has become a symbol of culture and continues to uplift and inspire women everywhere.

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This film has improved the scope of our future, so here on FilmScopes, we thank the creators of this movie who have given us a future we all want to build.

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  1. I haven’t heard or seen anything related to this movie before , but after reading this review , my next watch for sure is “Thelma and Louise”.

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