Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2024 Wins And Snubs

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The Eighth Annual Anime Awards 2024 Has Become A Buzz Globally.

This year, the award function created history with a milestone of 34 million votes cast by anime fans worldwide. Many countries participated in this voting process, including Australia, India, Brazil, United States, Argentina and more.

The event celebrates anime and acknowledges the hard work of many creators who have put their soul into every piece of illustration there is. 2024 was a significant year for anime and anime fans, we got to witness some of the greatest stories like “Vinland Saga Season 2”, “Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2”, “Bocchi the Rock!”, “Chainsaw Man”, “Oshi No Ko” and many more.



Sally Amaki who is the voice actress of “Tomo-Chan is a Girl” and John Kabira who is a Japanese Freelance Presenter, hosted the event for the second time. Various personalities from different industries attended the globally celebrated anime event.

The Annual Anime Awards welcomed some of the most trending artists, musicians, and creators from all over the world. For the first time, the anime awards featured their own theme music which is composed by the anime industry’s golden bird Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto. The Japanese Pop duo Yoasobi also performed their fan-favorite song “Idol” from Oshi No Ko on stage which also won Best Anime Song.


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Three-time Grammy winner, Megan thee Stallion presented the award for anime of the year to “Jujutsu Kaisen: Hidden Inventory/Premature Death”. In addition to Megan Thee stallion, other notable attendees were Ms. Marvel actress Iman Vellani who presented Best Character Design, Oscar-winning duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Japanese Pop singer LiSA, Indian film actress Rashmika Mandana, South Korean film director Bong Joon Ho (“Parasite”), Joaquim Dos Santos director of Spider man: Across the Spider-Verse, Grammy nominated songwriter, producer and recording artists Labrinth, actor- model Chiaki Kuriyama, NFL star DeMarcus Lawrence.

Jujutsu Kaisen Took ” Nah, I’d Win” Seriously!


Cartoon Characters
Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2


The sorcerers from the prestigious ‘Jujutsu High” triumphed in this year’s anime awards by dominating in around 10 categories. The anime won in total of 11 awards out of 32 categories including the major ones like Anime of the Year, Best Supporting Character for Gojo Satoru, Best Action, Best Cinematography, Best Voice Artist Performance in Japanese by Yuuichi Nakamura as Gojo, Best Opening Sequence, and Best Ending Sequence.

Fans are criticizing the show as according to them, other animes like Mushoku Tensei, Oshi No Ko, and Heavenly Delusions deserved better.

Vinland Saga Season 2


a man with long hair trying to grab something is also looking very pale


As the biggest night of anime came to an end, some fans cheered for Jujutsu Kaisen when it won Anime of the Year, they congratulated all the other winners although some fans are majorly disappointed at the awards as Vinland Saga season 2 was nominated for 10 categories including Anime of the year but didn’t win even one!

Many labeled this as a “Daylight Robbery!” many claim that Jujutsu Kaisen and Vinland Land were both exceptionally good enough to make fans emotional but nothing could beat Vinland Saga’s plain artistry and insane character arcs to make it more deserving and it should have won. Users wrote on X sharing their disappointment that,

Can’t even think how JJK is even close to this work of art “.

“Ummm yeah idk about this. I love Jujutsu Kaisen and it’s an unbelievable anime but to say that it’s better than Vinland Saga … doesn’t sit right with me. This is not a popularity contest…I get people love stuff like JJK and I do too but Vinland Saga was robbed.”

Shingeki no Kyojin won Best Drama and Best Anime Score. While ‘Bocchi the Rock!’ by CloverWorks won best slice of life which also happens to be the same studio behind ‘Horimiya’ that won Best Romance. The best Original Series is Buddy Daddies whereas the Best New series is MAPPA’s, Chainsaw Man.


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