Anne Hathaway And Nicholas Galitzine In The Idea Of You

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It’s a breath of fresh air in Hollywood, so far we have seen some new amazing pairings like Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in Anyone But You. On March 6, Amazon Prime released the visuals of the much-awaited rom-com The Idea Of You starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine which will premiere on May 2.

Also stars Ella Rubin, Annie Mumolo, Reid Scott, and many more.

The film is adapted from a book of the same name written by Robinne Lee in 2017. The novel garnered major attention and was also nominated for Goodreads Choice Nomination. More than 9000 Amazon reviewers rated the book with 5 stars and called it a “sweet read”.

The novel is a Harry Styles-inspired fan-fiction that follows the story of Solene Marchand and her meet cute interaction with a popular boy band member which opens a second chance at live for her.

About The Story.



Michael Showalter directed the film with a screenplay written by Jennifer Westfeldt, The Idea Of You is the story of Solène Marchand, a 39-year-old who works at an art gallery is a divorced single mother played by Anne Hathaway.

As an attempt to get closer to her daughter Isabella, she decides to take her to Coachella where she accidentally comes across the international popstar from the band ‘August Moon’, Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine).

But things get interesting as they feel an intense connection which leads to them having a secret relationship with each other. However, that won’t stay a secret for long as Hayes lives in the world of the spotlight with cameras and paparazzi.

When the relationship goes public, they face a lot of criticism, backlash, and scrutiny from their fans and the media. How are things going to work out for them? Hathaway also shared the poster on Instagram with the caption,

“When the last thing you expect becomes the only thing you want”

What Is The Movie Based On?



The book has received unimaginable amount of love and consideration since it’s release and most people believe that Hayes’s character is based on As it was singer Harry styles. Though Lee has denied if the book is based on him, there might be a few similarities between the fan fiction and the One Direction member.

Author Robinne Lee did her research on Harry that is when she discovered that Harry often dated older women. Lee took inspiration from this to write her acclaimed novel. But she also states that the film is not about a fan dating Harry styles, she made it clear that the story is not about him. In an interview with Vogue in 2020 she said that

The Idea Of You was never supposed to be a book about Harry Styles … it was supposed to be a story about a woman approaching 40 and reclaiming her sexuality and rediscovering herself, just at the point that society traditionally writes women off as desirable and viable and whole.”

How Fans React To The Adaptation?


Solène and Hayes in The Idea Of You.

Robinne Lee’s fan were quite excited to see Hathaway and Galitzine as Solène and Hayes. But many fans had similar concerns over Hathaway being in the film as they asked questions like “How did the makers convince an academy winner actress to be a part of this film.” The story is about a woman finding happiness in her 40s which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone just like in the trailer when Solène says,

“I didn’t know, me being happy would piss so many people off” to which her friend replies, “Did I not warn you? People hate happy women”

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