Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick Starrer ‘A Simple Favor’ Gets a Sequel

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Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick starrer A Simple Favor gets a green-lit for a sequel, confirmed by the creators and director Paul Feig. A Simple Favor is a 2018 black comedy film distributed by Lionsgate and produced by Jessie Henderson and Paul Feig himself.



The prequel was based on the 2017 novel with the same title written by Darcy Bell who is known as a New York Times best-selling author. Her popular works include “A Simple Favor”, “Women of the Year”, “All I Want”, and “Something She Is Not Telling Us.”

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick Reunited for A Simple Favor 2



The 2018 film was a hit at the box office by grossing over $95 million worldwide with a budget of $20 Million and many critics reviewed the film as ‘twisted dark and simply fun.’, with 84% on Rotten Tomatoes and 67% given by Media critics. The film adapted from the novel was a treat to watch with the amazing star cast who are set to reprise their role in the upcoming sequel.

According to a report by Variety, apart from Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick other actors who are set to return as their characters are Henry Golding, Andrew Rannells, Bashir Salahuddin, Joshua Satine, Ian Ho, and Kelly McCormack.

Emily Nelson a Con Artist But a Fashionable One



Emily Nelson, a PR director for a fashion company lives her life a really hectic life with her job being a crisis manager and foreseeing other employees. Emily has barely any time for her son Nicky and to look after him. Emily is a strong, fierce, and arrogant lady with really great taste in fashion and also Martinis.

However, not everyone knows much about her as she likes to keep her life as private as possible, or has, she got something to hide? Emily Nelson played by Blake Lively is not only a mysterious person but is also known to be not that truthful. Nope, this is just a nice way to put it but she is “a pathological liar”. But things change when she meets Stephanie, a kind, extrovert, nerdy who is just another regular mom from her son’s school who is nothing like her.

Kind but Twisted Stephanie Smothers



Stephanie Smothers is a single mother who is a fun extroverted mom. She loves sharing quick tips for art and craft and cooking on her Vlog which becomes a hit when she tries to investigate the case of her missing friend and gives live updates on her channel.

Stephanie is an honest straightforward apologetic person and meeting Emily changes something in her.



Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick


Stephanie and Emily meet and get together for a drink at Emily’s house after being forced to a play date by their sons. As they both share a martini, they get to know more about each other. Like how Stephanie lost her husband and her half-brother in a car accident and Stephani’s relationship with her half-brother. Emily also tells her about how she and her husband, a former writer, are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Emily has to often go out of the city for work-related matters and one day she calls and asks Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) for a simple favor which is to look after her son Nicky for a couple of hours. But Emily never returned and after waiting for 2 days as she assumed after contacting her secretary that she went to Miami for a business matter. Stephanie contacts the police after realizing that no one at work knows about her business trip, leading to suspicion.

A few days later, the police find her dead body at a summer camp in Michigan. Her untimely death and coping with the loss lead Stephanie to investigate Emily’s past which results in her finding out that all Emily ever told was nothing but a blatant lie. As she digs into the case, she finds out some interesting things about Emily who is a con artist.

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