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Disney Movie Brave: 3 Lessons

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Brave is a 2012 Pixar Animation Studios animated fantasy adventure film that Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman created.

In order to take control of her own fate, Merida, a talented archer and the princess of a fictional medieval Scottish nation, fight gender norms as well as her parents’ expectations.

“Leave her be, Princess or not, learning how to fight is essential”

Why Brave Is A Feminist Movie

The feminist ideas and representation of a strong, self-reliant female character in Brave have received high accolades from many viewers and reviewers.

Merida is shown as a courageous and gifted warrior determined to follow her own path in life, even if it means defying her family’s and society’s expectations.

“We can’t just run away from who we are” 

 A movie that shows how a lady is forced to marry in the past and in many countries to date, they are scrutinized and presented like an à la carte menu to the groom’s family.

The movie digs deeper into the expectations of a family from the lady child and male child, they both are expected to perform according to the set ways. 

Release Date March 22, 2012
(United States Of America)
Voice Cast Kelly Macdonald – Merida 
Emma Thompson – Queen Elinor 
Billy Connolly – King Fergus 
Robbie Coltrane – Lord Dingwall 
Julie Walters – The Witch 
Steven Cree – Young Macintosh 
Callum O’Niel – Wee Dingwall
Eilidh Fraser & Sally Kinghorn – Maudie (Castle Helper, one who was afraid of bears and kept hiding)
John Ratzenberger – Gordon 
Kevin McKidd – Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin 
Patric Doyle – Martin (Another Gaurd)
Steve Purcell – The Crow (Witch’s crow) 
Craig Ferguson – Lord Macintosh
Directed By Steven Soderbergh
Written By Susannah Grant 
Produced By Danny DeVito
Michael Shamberg
Stacey Sher

This movie is a package for those who have started to taste the flavors of equality, for those who would want to take one step at a time, this movie has very carefully used the modern ideas of feminism and made it a family film by mixing the importance of family. 

“I am Merida, the first-born descendant of Clan DunBroch, and I’ll be shooting for my own hand.”

We have seen many times Disney’s self-censorship as a method to run the company in every country possible here again, it played safe by giving a mild flavour of feminism to the audience.

What Is Different About The Film Brave

The Dose Of Feminism


Lesson 1: Merdia Is Ready To Take Care Of Her:

This lesson is crucial, Merida chooses to compete for her own hand in marriage in a way that reflects her own values and priorities rather than accept the idea of being married off to a prince as a means of securing a political alliance.

Lesson 2: Breaking Stereotypes:

She also violates the stereotypes of how a princess should behave and dress, choosing to dress practically and engage in sports like horseback riding and archery.

If we look at our ladies’ modern lives, we often find people saying “This is how you should dress, this is how you should dress and this is who you should marry”.

Many things have indeed changed but a tonne needs to be corrected, built, and fixed. 

“A princess does not chortle, doesn’t stuff her gob, rises early, is compassionate, patient, cautious, clean, and above all, a princess strives for, well, perfection.”

Lesson 3. Talked About Teenage Family Relationships:

Along with Merida’s character, the movie also looks at complicated mother-daughter relationships and the difficulties of meeting parental expectations.

Essentially, Brave can be viewed as a feminist movie encouraging female empowerment and telling young women and girls to follow their passions and aspirations rather than live up to others’ expectations.

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According to our Scopo-Meter, we check the following in this movie:

Category Out Of 5
PLOT 2.5

FilmScopes thank the creators of the movie for giving this and the coming generation a sense of hope and belief, this movie secures a position for women out there working hard to be at the top of the ladder. 

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