Hamilton Jewish Film Festival Rescheduled Due to Theater Security Concerns

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The Hamilton Jewish Federation

is actively seeking a new venue for its film festival after the Playhouse Cinema received phone and social media threats. This forced the Playhouse to withdraw its rental agreement.

It’s disheartening to see threats targeting artistic expression. Film festivals are a beautiful way to celebrate different cultures and stories. They foster understanding and growth through the power of shared experiences. We should all stand together against attempts to silence diverse voices and promote peaceful competition and artistic exchange.

Hamilton Jewish Film Festival Rescheduled After Venue Issues:



The Hamilton Jewish Film Festival, organized by the Hamilton Jewish Federation, has been postponed due to a disagreement with the originally planned venue, the Playhouse Cinema.

The Federation criticized the Playhouse Cinema’s decision, claiming it bowed to pressure from a few individuals who believe all films from Israel are propaganda.

The Festival emphasizes its apolitical nature, focusing on artistic merit. They have planned six films, including:

  • Hope Without Boundaries: An Israeli field hospital aiding war-torn Ukraine.
  • Women in Sink: Explores a Haifa hair salon where Arab and Israeli women connect.
  • The Boy: The last film by a slain Israeli director, Yahav Winner.

The Festival assures the public that the event will be rescheduled at a new location, with details to be announced soon.

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