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Iconic Reunions From The 30th SAG Awards.

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The 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award

brought together some of the most beloved TV stars and celebrities together to honor cinema and shows that captivated the audience with incredible storylines and stellar performances by the actors. But this year’s SAG awards did come with many surprises and reunions. Well, these surprises were more like a ‘Late Christmas Present’, with the ongoing awards season and everything. The focus is mainly on who won what, who bagged the most awards, and who got snubbed again!

The entertaining factor is being neglected or is the focus being shifted to the more controversial stuff? This year, SAG presented the stage for many actors from popular TV shows and movies like “Modern Family” and “The Devil Wears Prada” which thrilled the feeling of nostalgia among the fans.


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The popular ‘mockumentary’ and sitcom which ran for 11 seasons with 250 episodes, ended on April 8, 2020. During its run, the show won the Comedy in an Ensemble award four times. The Pritchetts clan made an appearance to present this year’s comedy in an Ensemble award. Julie Bowen, Ed O’Neil, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson were among the cast who presented the award and they shared how they feel nostalgic for the golden days. Ferguson shared, “How you know, it’s been a life after a big hit show, it can be nice too, right?”

Everyone including Ed, Eric, and Jesse joked around about how they all miss being regulars on the TV. Even Ed asked what he missed the most, to which Ty answered, “Going to work every day” but Ed quickly shot that answer down by saying, “The money!”

The Devil Wears Prada



As Idris Elba mentioned, “4 words, anyone can ever say: please welcome Meryl Streep”. This was the surprise we never realized we needed so much. Meryl Streep made a perfect comedic entrance by staging a little accident with the mic, which made the audience sway with laughter. As she continued, she joked about forgetting her glasses and “the envelope”. To her rescue came Andrea (Anne Hathaway) and Emily (Emily Blunt). The cast reunited on stage after 18 years and presented the award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

When Meryl asked an age-old question, “Where does the character end and the actor begin?”. The Quiet Place actress replied by saying that Meryl and Miranda Priestly are sort of like twins. Meryl denied it but Anne Hathaway chips in and says the iconic dialogue of Miranda Priestly “No, no, no that wasn’t a question”

Breaking Bad


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Breaking Bad cast members including Brian Cranston, Aaron Paul, Bob Odenkirk, R.J. Mitte, Anna Gunn, Jonathan Banks, Dean Norris, and Betsy Brandt reunited after 10 years on the SAG stage to present the same award they were honored with a decade ago! Cranston, 61 stated, “And tonight, we are thrilled to bestow on another group of actors” Ensemble in a Drama series.

The cast started their speech by explaining what ‘E’ stands for in Ensemble and as they moved on to the next alphabet ‘N’, Bob said no he is not going to do something so cheesy where you say each letter of the word. After discussing that it is written on the teleprompter, they have to follow it, Jonathan Banks 77 joked that they are not going to fire us for not following it.

Their goofy, light-hearted presence made the show more memorable as they also got an opportunity to pass on the mantle to the next generation of actors. Oppenheimer, Barbie dominated the awards with four nominations each, the HBO series “Succession” and “The Bear” led in the TV show run.


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