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Loki S2E2: Will They Or Won’t They? (Murder Edition)

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Loki Season 2 Episode 2 follows the outstanding opener that had us wondering whether the show should be more character-driven. Marvel’s TV shows frequently blend deep character analysis with action-packed storylines.

The intriguingly titled second episode, “Breaking Brad,” features Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson repeating their dynamic roles with a focus on character growth rather than elaborate set pieces.

Given its crucial plot, Loki Season 2 distinguishes itself by discovering genuine astonishment and tension in the tiny details. We also explore further into the fallout from Sylvie’s audacious acts at the end of season one as the second season progresses.


Unveiling ‘Breaking Brad’: Loki’s Intriguing Pursuits


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Hunter X-05 (now known as Brad Wolfe), the hero of a sumptuous 1977 London movie premiere, is introduced in a fancy-dress variation of the show’s opening theme by composer Natalie Holt. Though the renegade agent appears to have abandoned his station, Loki and Mobius, who are now ostensibly working for the TVA as usual, have managed to catch up with him and are determined to bring him in for questioning.

It takes some time to understand the “who,” “what,” and “why” of it all given how similar it feels to last season’s status quo, but it’s an exciting chase and it involves Loki really deploying Loki-esque techniques, like shadowy illusions, for the first time in a while.

The conditions and stakes in Loki and Mobius’ latest hunt for an anomaly on a divergent timeline are allegedly different, but we don’t know how. The last time we saw X-05, he was carrying out Dox’s instructions.

Ouroboros struggles to modify the Temporal Loom so it can accommodate all the new histories in Episode 2, especially without Miss Minutes, as Loki and Mobius search for Sylvie. As agents set up numerous bombs to bomb branches throughout the multiverse, Dox collects her warriors and constructs a base.

The TVA can only stand by and watch as they vanish along with the billions of lives (heroes, villains, and everyone in between) in each timeline once they manage to stop her operation, which is too late for several of them.


The Complexities of Heroism: Loki’s Evolution in Season 2


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Loki enjoys himself as he casts projections to frighten X-5 while using his magic to harm him. Later in the episode, when Loki is questioning X-5 alone, he engages in a brief round of torture in which X-5 is almost crushed by a strange TVA machine that could have cubed him to oblivion.

The former hunter points out that Loki’s motivations haven’t always been so pure during X-5’s interrogation.

“Everyone here knows what you’re doing, you know,” X-5 says. “You’re just trying to make up for all the terrible, awful shit you’ve done in your life, you pathetic little man.

“At the end of the day, you just make everything worse,” he continues. “For Mobius, for B-15, for your mother. Because that’s what you do. You lose. You’re a loser. Stop trying to be a hero, man. You’re a villain, and you’re good at it. Do that.”

In addition to completely roasting Loki, X-5 serves as a stand-in for the audience member who might not be buying into the Asgardian’s quick turn from evil to hero in Loki.

The decision by lead writer Eric Martin and company to utilize this episode early in Season 2 raises questions about how much Loki has actually changed and whether he can atone for all of his wrongdoings while simultaneously demonstrating how his journey to heroism is ultimately a work in progress is a wise one.

“If Season 1 was about self-awareness and self-acceptance, Season 2 is about taking responsibility and trying to find a new purpose,” Hiddleston told Marvel.com. “Maybe there’s more burden and less glory in the purpose this time.”


Sylvie and Loki: Multiversal Differences and Reunions


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After their stressful encounter with He Who Remains at the end of time, the multiversal counterparts Sylvie and Loki are still at odds when they finally reunite. While Sylvie has begun a new job at a McDonald’s, Loki has practically turned into a full-fledged TVA employee.

As Sylvie has welcomed a fresh beginning and feels vindicated in her decision to rescue everyone from the corrupt government of misguided time cops, Loki has become even more convinced that the TVA is required, further dividing them.

The episode comes to a depressing conclusion as the TVA laments the price of its cosmic failure and Sylvie returns to Broxton unimpressed with the company’s unwillingness to adapt.

No one can really blame Sylvie either. The scene makes an effort to emphasize how tragic the situation is; B-15 makes the obnoxious statement that “Those are all lives” are being lost on the blinking monitors of the TVA, which show retreating branches.


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