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Operation Valentine Inspired by True Events, But Does it Deliver?

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Exploring the Action Thriller Inspired by Real-Life Heroes


“Operation Valentine” recently hit theatres, promising an action-packed experience inspired by true events. This Indian film dives into the world of covert missions and military operations. However, opinions are divided on its execution.

Story and Inspiration:

The film reportedly draws inspiration from real-life events, though details remain scarce. It follows a team of operatives on a crucial mission with high stakes.

I have to mention Manushi Chhillar’s performance. Her character’s incessant attempts to hold back her husband came off as more annoying than emotionally resonant. Meanwhile, our “prodigy” pilot, Rudra, felt more like a reckless liability than a skilled asset, failing to live up to the hype built around him.

Reception and Discussion Points:

While the film aims to deliver an adrenaline rush, some viewers have noted inconsistencies in the script and execution. Special effects and acting have also received mixed reviews.

To cap off the disaster, the dubbing was so poorly executed that it made me want to tear my hair out. Combined with the already bad acting, it added an extra layer of cringe to the whole experience. And don’t get me started on the heavy-handed makeup!

I went to a fancy cinema hoping for a somewhat elevated experience. What a waste! I left the theater feeling like I needed a refund for both the ticket and my time. My advice? Save your money and your sanity. Skip “Operation Valentine.” There are plenty of other films out there (or even good books to read) that deserve your attention and won’t leave you filled with regret.

Alternative Options for Film Enthusiasts:

For those seeking a thrilling cinematic experience in March 2024, other options are available. “Lapata Ladies” offers a contrasting experience, focusing on a group of women embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

Making Informed Choices:

The film’s budget of 42 crores (about $5 million USD) feels like a cruel joke. Where did all that money go? I wish they had just donated it to aspiring filmmakers with actual talent. To add insult to injury, “Operation Valentine” had the misfortune of releasing alongside “Laapataa Ladies.” It’s a safe bet to say that most of the audience flocked to the latter.

Let’s talk about the acting. It was stiff, awkward, and honestly, quite painful to watch. Think of a high school play with less enthusiastic actors. The special effects? A generous description would be “low budget,” and if I’m being brutally honest, downright laughable. The flight scenes and aerial combat felt like a poorly rendered video game cutscene from the early 2000s.


  1. Artless
  2. Bad Editing
  3. Bad Acting
  4. Made up
  5. Used true events poorly
  6. Felt like a copy

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