Rachel Zegler wins Action Star Of The Year Award Over Keanu Reeves And Tom Cruise

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Keanu Reeves And Tom Cruise Did Not Bag The Action Star Of The Year


People’s Choice awards have become the talk of the town after the winner for best action movie star was announced on Monday. Since its release netizens are finding it hard to believe and are wondering about what is going on!

Even though the awards are given based on votes, the news is still hard to process as the other nominees for the category are the face cards for action movies in Hollywood. Well, who does come to your mind if we are talking about ‘action’? Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise.

Rachel Zegler won Action Movie Star of the Year for the Film Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes directed by Francis Lawrence. Other nominees in the category were Zegler’s co-star Viola Davis for The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning), Gal Gadot (Heart of Stone), Keanu Reeves (John Wick: Chapter 4), Jason Momoa (Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom), Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3) as well as Brie Larson (The Marvels).

Actors On Actors Interview Statement By Rachel Zegler



In December, during a variety interview, Ziegler shared the technical aspects involved behind the making of The Hunger Games prequel in which the actor discussed how she learned to deal with snakes during the shoots, there were two instances where real snakes were used in the film including the scene where she puts the snake in a girl’s dress in the beginning.

During the interview, the mermaid star Halle Bailey told Ziegler how the snake scenes looked so real and she even got worried when the rubble started falling everywhere. To which the actress replied, “That was Styrofoam rubble, Thank God!” Her comment in the interview about how the actor herself did most of the stunts. That too in heels. Quote,

“But it was all in heels and all real. I did 95% of all my stunts”

Many believe that the variety interview with Halle Bailey and this particular statement could be the reason why she was the one considered for this award. But the obvious question here is, does it top what Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise did in their respective films?

Rachel Zegler on the 1937 Snow White movie.

The actress has been on the trending chart for quite some time, and it all started a year ago in an interview with Variety at Disney Fan Club’s D23 expo, the actress said times have changed it is not 1937 anymore and sarcastically denounces the original film. “she’s not going to be dreaming about true love; she’s going to be dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be … There’s a big focus on her love story with a guy who literally stalks her,”

Should Fan-Based Voting System Be Counted?



Critics have already given a conviction that these votes shouldn’t counted, but they did discuss a fair point that the people voting are not that inclined towards watching more movies or analyzing factors that make a movie more deserving than the other in any given category. After witnessing the award show, fans shared their disappointment on X formerly known as Twitter that they can’t believe Tom Cruise didn’t win. One user even wrote,

“Keanu Reeves falls down 50 flights of stairs, Tom Cruise rides a motorbike off a cliff six times a day Actors giving their all to the craft, and who gets Action Star of the Year? Rachel Zegler? (1 film)”.

The West Side Story actress has surely contributed her part to the industry and evidently, it did feel like the people who voted in this category were not aware of the insane stunts done by Tom Cruise or the perfectly choreographed fight scenes from John Wick chapter 4. But was the voting system rigged? Or the award was given based on who was trending? Nothing can be said about this. But we know one thing for sure the fans deeply disagree with this predicament. And it only seems fair!

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