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Top 5 Romantic Films: Unconventional Mode On

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Aloha from the world of unconventional romantic films! This list will examine some of the most alluring love stories that will undoubtedly touch your heart.

These films give a unique take on love and relationships, going by going beyond the conventional boy-meets-girl plot. You’ll experience a rollercoaster of emotions as you watch these top 5 romantic flicks, which range from quirky love tales to wrenching dramas.

Love can make us stupid it could make us question ourselves. But is it? In reality, love is what makes us humans. Love gives us a reason to stay alive it helps us cure what’s broken. It’s not always difficult it’s sometimes blissful and the only good thing in our life.

Let’s read about the films that would make us want to love someone truly and fully:

1. A Beautiful Mind


A man and lady looking in each other's eyes in love
Nash and his Wife When he proposes her


The historical drama film A Beautiful Mind is based on the life of John Nash, an economist and Nobel Prize winner who battled schizophrenia for most of his life. The story of Nash’s battle with illness and how his wife Alicia’s support was essential to his recovery is explored in the film.

The movie’s core topic is the power of love, which is portrayed as a force that can aid people in overcoming even the most serious mental health problems. Nash had the motivation to fight his disease and eventually restore his mental health thanks to Alicia’s everlasting dedication to and unrelenting love for him.

Alicia’s devotion to Nash is shown throughout the movie as she supports him through his darkest hours even when others have given up on him. She supports him in getting help and guides him through the difficulties of having schizophrenia. Nash is ultimately helped to recuperate and restore his sense of self by her love and support.

The significance of social support and the part that loved ones may play in assisting those with mental health concerns are both emphasized in the film. It demonstrates how the strength of love can aid people in overcoming even the most trying situations and how, with the correct assistance, anyone can recover and have a full life.

Here are some lesser-known facts about the movie A Beautiful Mind:


  1. The movie was adapted from Sylvia Nasar’s book of the same name, which was a biography of John Nash. However, the filmmakers added fictional details and characters, among other creative liberties, to the plot.
  2. The movie’s director, Ron Howard, initially had no intention of making a conventional biopic. He preferred to concentrate on Nash’s character’s emotional development and his battle with schizophrenia.
  3. Akiva Goldsman, the movie’s screenwriter, won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for A Beautiful Mind.
  4. Russell Crowe, who played John Nash in the movie, put a lot of effort into his preparation. According to reports, he spent time with people who had schizophrenia and studied their behavior to learn more about the condition.

2. The Greatest Showman


Romantic films
The Greatest Showman Poster


A musical movie called The Greatest Showman depicts the tale of P.T. Barnum and how he founded the circus. The movie does demonstrate how love and relationships can encourage and inspire people to pursue their aspirations, even though it isn’t really a love tale.

P.T. Barnum is shown in the movie as a guy who is motivated by his love for his wife Charity and his desire to provide for his family. Despite the difficulties and disappointments he encounters, Barnum’s love for Charity inspires him to take chances and follow his goals.

The movie also shows how prejudice and discrimination can be defeated by love and acceptance. Barnum encounters opposition to his attraction to Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind because it defies societal conventions, but he perseveres because he admires her talent and wants to showcase it to the globe.

The movie also demonstrates how love and support can unite people and foster a sense of community. People from many backgrounds who are shunned by society are represented in Barnum’s circus, where they can be accepted for who they are.

Here are some lesser-known facts about the movie The Greatest Showman:


  1. The biography of P.T. Barnum, who is regarded as the founder of the modern circus, served as the inspiration for the film. However, the filmmakers changed the order of events and added fictitious characters, among other creative liberties, to the plot.
  2. Michael Gracey, who directed the movie, was a first-time feature film director. Before being asked to helm The Greatest Showman he had largely worked on commercials and music videos.
  3. The music for the film was written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who also contributed to the scores for the popular Broadway musicals Dear Evan Hansen and La La Land.
  4. Due to the movie’s success, P.T. Barnum and the circus are once again receiving attention. Critics have, however, criticized the movie for omitting some of Barnum’s more repulsive traits, such as his abuse of undervalued performers and animals.

3. A United Kingdom


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A United Kingdom Poster


The biographical romance drama film A United Kingdom is based on the actual narrative of Seretse Khama, the ruler of Bechuanaland (current-day Botswana), and Ruth Williams, his British wife. The movie depicts their interracial romance in the 1940s, which encountered opposition from Seretse’s own people as well as the British authorities.

Despite the racial tensions of the day, Seretse and Ruth fall in love after meeting in London in 1947. Ruth’s family and the British government are opposed to their union because they believe it will lead to political unrest in southern Africa.

Seretse and Ruth’s love persists despite the difficulties they encounter. They struggle against all odds and eventually succeed in overcoming the political and cultural obstacles in their path. The movie shows how their devotion to one another overcomes issues of race, culture, and politics.

Here are some lesser-known facts about the movie A United Kingdom:


  1. Amma Asante, the director of the movie, is the first black woman to helm a historical drama for a significant Hollywood production company.
  2. The 2006 book “Colour Bar: The Triumph of Seretse Khama and His Nation” by Susan Williams served as the inspiration for the movie.
  3. Patrick Jonsson, a South African musician who used traditional African music in his compositions, provided the soundtrack for the movie.
  4. The movie was shot on location in Botswana and the UK, and the creators made a point to portray both nations’ environments and traditions truthfully.

4. Bohemian Rhapsody


A singer posing on stage
Bohemian Rhapsody Poster


The 2018 biographical romantic drama Bohemian Rhapsody is one movie that springs to mind while thinking about the love that altered the course of history. The movie is based on the lives of Queen’s iconic lead vocalist Freddie Mercury and his friendship with Mary Austin, his longtime partner, and ex-girlfriend.

The movie shows how Mary and Freddie fell in love during the early stages of his career and how their union endured even after Freddie realized he had an interest in men. Mary was Freddie’s loyal friend and confidante even after their physical relationship ended, and she did so until Freddie’s passing.

The movie not only tells Freddie’s personal biography but also the influence Queen’s music has on the world. The band’s music dismantled barriers and questioned social conventions, opening the path for inclusiveness and acceptance in the music business and beyond.

In general, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a stirring tale of love and acceptance that altered the course of history. It illustrates how a couple’s love can transcend distinctions and limitations to create an international movement for inclusion and acceptance.

Here are some lesser-known facts about the movie Bohemian Rhapsody:


  1. Rami Malek, the actor who played Freddie Mercury, had to go through intense vocal training in order to mimic Mercury’s famous singing voice. For the part, he also had to pick up the guitar and the piano.
  2. Bryan Singer was originally slated to direct the movie, but he was kicked off the site for acting inappropriately. The movie’s completion was entrusted to Dexter Fletcher.
  3. Queen’s most well-known song, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which was published in 1975, shares the same name as the movie. The song was included in the movie as well.
  4. The in-person The film’s producers consulted Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury’s former partner, during production. She approved the proposal and even paid a visit to the scene while it was being filmed.

5. Blue Is The Warmest Colour


Two girls looking at each other intently
Blue Is The Warmest Colour Poster


A young woman named Adèle falls in love with a little older woman named Emma in the coming-of-age movie Blue Is the Warmest Colour. The movie presents various lessons about love while delving into the complexity of relationships, sexuality, and self-discovery.

More than just physical appeal, love is about connection. In addition to their physical attraction, Adèle and Emma are drawn to one another because they have similar passions and interests. Finding someone who supports and understands you on all levels is the key to true love.

Any partnership needs to have open communication. Emma and Adèle’s relationship suffers as a result of their inability to adequately communicate with one another. It’s critical to communicate your needs, wants, and expectations to your partner in an open and honest manner.

Here are some lesser-known facts about the movie Blue Is The Warmest Colour:


  1. The 2010 French-language release of Julie Maroh’s “Blue is the Warmest Colour” graphic novel served as the inspiration for the movie.
  2. Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos play the key characters in the movie, which was directed by Abdellatif Kechiche.
  3. The film’s explicit sex scenes caused controversy, which resulted in a public argument between the director and the lead actresses.
  4. The director frequently took many takes of each scene to obtain the right emotions and performances. The movie was shot over the course of several months.

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