Ryan Gosling Is Over the Moon as Steven Spielberg Shares his Love for His Film The Fall Guy (2024)

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Earlier this year, Ryan Gosling

had a fan-boy moment with the legendary director Steven Spielberg when the Shindler’s List director approached him during the Golden Globes to tell the actor how much he loved his film ‘The Fall Guy’.

Ryan Gosling
A still from The Fall guy trailer.

Gosling told Variety, that during the Golden Globes, he made an interaction with the Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg which was a dream come true moment for him. His positive remark about the film made him so happy and complete that it didn’t matter whether he won the Golden Globe or not that night.  When he walked towards him, he was sure that he wasn’t coming to talk to him but he kept on walking that is when Spielberg hugged him and said to him that he saw fall guy and he loved it.

Ryan Gosling Shares His Experience When He Met Steven Spielberg:


Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg loved The Fall Guy

“I saw Steven Spielberg walking in my direction. I don’t know Steven Spielberg. I thought, there’s no way he’s coming to talk to me. And yet he kept getting closer, and then I thought, I know what’s going to happen. I’m going to point to him, and he’s going to go, ‘Not you, behind you,’ so I’m not going to do that. Finally, I said, ‘Me?’ and he goes, “Yeah you.’ I go, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t think you were coming to talk to me.’ And I stood up and he gave me a hug and said, ‘I just saw “Fall Guy” and I loved it.’”

Getting a sign of approval from the pioneer of the film industry has to be a recognition worth more than any award which is a pretty big deal. He then added, “As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter anymore what happens. Steven Spielberg liked it. That was an all-time moment for me. I’m excited for people to see it. I think it’s a really special movie.”

What Is The Fall Guy Based On?


The Fall Guy is a 2024 Action/ Comedy directed by David Leitch whose popular works involve Deadpool 2 (2018), and Bullet Train (2022) is set to release on May 4 in theatres. Fall Guy is based on a 1980s TV series of the same name created by Glen A Larson. The story follows Colt Seagers, an aging stuntman who gets a gig for a big studio with Tom Ryders (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) as the lead actor. During the production of the film, Ryder goes missing and Seavers is asked to step in to find out his whereabouts. The movie also stars Emily Blunt as Jody Moreno, a film director who is Colt’s ex-girlfriend.

The Fall Guy producer Kelly McCormick shared that the action scenes of the movie are really special as some of the stunts have not been done in years. She stated,

“It was a really special set. We were doing these huge stunts, like a huge 150-foot fall, which hadn’t happened in about ten years. We did a 250-foot jump over a giant crevasse – I’m not even sure how we achieved that, to be honest! We did a giant cannon roll [flipping a car multiple times] on a beach – that hadn’t been done since, I think, Casino Royale.”

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