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Apple’s New Project ‘Outcome’ Starring Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Jonah Hill, and Matt Bomer.

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Jonah Hill is all set to direct his new film, Outcome with an ensemble cast including Keanu Reeves, Matt Bomer, and Cameron Diaz.

Jonah Hill: The Writer, Producer, and The Actor


Keanu Reeves in outcome


The outcome is co-written by Jonah Hill himself and Ezra Woods, with the project being under the production of Apple Studios who are behind movies like Ghosted (2023), Greyhound, etc. The outcome is also produced by Strong Baby Productions owned by Jonah Hill and Matt Dines.

The creators have not yet disclosed many details as the film is still in its early stage of production. According to Deadline, The Normal Heart and Maestro actor Matt Bomer has also joined the team of Outcome.

What Is Outcome All About?


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Keanu reeves


The upcoming dark Comedy film starring John Wick actor Keanu Reeves is all set to play a character named ‘Reef’ who is a damaged Hollywood star who has to face the demons from his past as he is being extorted and blackmailed with a secret video clip involving his past deeds.

Keanu Reeves In Outcome


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Keanu reeves in SpongeBob Movie

Keanu Reeves is seen as the humblest personality in Hollywood, and the past decade has had nothing but quite a sudden boost in his halted acting career. Thanks to John Wick! The actor has finally found his ground as he is truly the Baba Yaga of the film industry.

Many studious are trying to cast him in their respective franchise but it feels like he is playing hard to get. Meanwhile, the actor has also contributed to other projects apart from John Wick which is The Toy Story in which he voiced ‘Duke Caboom’, a stunt motorbike rider and he was also the ‘Sage’ in SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run.

His immense fame will surely be a plus point for Jonah Hill’s Outcome which is a dark comedy and it would likely be a fresh role for Reeves.

Cameron Diaz’s Comeback and Upcoming Projects.



Cameron Diaz is mainly popular for her work in genres like comedy and drama. Her popular work includes The Mask, The Holiday, and Charlie’s Angel. The actress announced her retirement in 2018 and that she is taking a step back from Hollywood to focus on her family and her other endeavors.

Fans are overjoyed that after a long break, the Knight and Day actress is making her comeback this year with Netflix’s much-awaited movie ‘Back in Action’ alongside Jamie Foxx.

Now, Diaz’s role in Outcome opposite Keanu Reeves, Jonah Hill, and Matt Bomer has also been confirmed by the studio.

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