The Flash Honest Review

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According to our Scopo-Meter, we check the following in The Flash(2023) :

Category Out Of 5
PLOT -2.7
CGI 3.7

FilmScopes criticizes the creators of the movie for creating a film that is a total disrespect of the flashpoint saga from the DC comics, it is rare that an acclaimed cast and team take arguably the greatest reference material in fiction and end up turning it into an unwatchable disgrace.

Comics Flashpoint


In DC Comics, “Flashpoint” refers to a major crossover storyline that was published in 2011. It was a limited series written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert. The event was significant because it resulted in a major reboot of the DC Universe, leading to the creation of “The New 52” continuity.

In the “Flashpoint” storyline, Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, wakes up in an altered reality where he is no longer the Flash and the world has changed dramatically. In this alternate timeline, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are engaged in a violent war that threatens to destroy the planet, and Batman is actually Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, who operates as a darker version of the hero.

As Barry tries to understand what happened and restore the timeline, he encounters various altered versions of familiar DC characters and faces several challenges. Ultimately, he discovers that the alteration in reality was caused by his own attempt to save his mother from being murdered when he was a child. His interference with the past led to a chain of events that drastically changed the present.

In his efforts to fix the timeline, Barry teams up with other heroes, including Batman (Thomas Wayne), Cyborg, and the Flash from the original timeline, Wally West. Together, they confront the main antagonist, Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne), who orchestrated the events of “Flashpoint” to manipulate Barry Allen.

The consequences of “Flashpoint” were significant and had long-lasting effects on the DC Universe. Following the event, DC Comics relaunched its entire line of comic books with “The New 52,” a new continuity that aimed to modernize and streamline the characters and storylines. Many characters’ histories were altered, and new series were introduced with updated origins and relationships. “The New 52” lasted until 2016 when it was followed by another relaunch called “DC Rebirth.”

DCEU Doomed

dc heroes defeated

The movie The Flash is a truly disappointing film as it has further degraded the already shamefully low standard set for DCEU in the minds and hearts of the audience. 

The previous DCEU movies have also constantly shattered the audience’s hopes and expectations and The Flash unfortunately followed the devious trend that too in an exponential manner, the hopes for the revival of DCEU are now diminishing so low, it would be more of a surprize if DCEU manages to get a movie in it’s roster that is atleast good.

The broken CGI, the nonsensical concepts, the plot misses, the plotholes and the misrepresentations all without an explanation to back them is sadly all what this movie comprises of.

The Silver Lining


It has righly been said “every dark cloud has a silver lining”, and so did The Flash, despite being an unarguable faliure overall, there were a few moments and did bring gleem in the eyes of audience, atleast the ones who are highly attached to DC, and understand the references made.

These moments were some of the best moments as they are a fulfilment of fan requests and/or an accurate reference to previous media and/or source material. Without further ado, these are the moments:

1) Michael Keaton Batman returns:

Michael Keatons representation of The Dark Knight is without doubt a fan-favorite, experiencing it on the silver scree in this day and age was a pure bliss.

2) Accurately designed Wayne Mansion and Batcave:

Even tho a lot of concepts and plotpoints were destorted in the movie, luckily the environment surrounding Keaton Batman was kept intact to as it was in Batman(1989).

3) Characters from various continuities:

The representation of the concept of multiverse was soul shattering, still it felt good to catch a glimpse of some fan-favorite variations of DC heroes from other continuities especially fianlly seeing Nickolas Cage as Superman was an unforgettable moment. 

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