The Rise Of The Guardians

The Rise Of The Guardians: Learning To Have Fun

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In the 2012 animated film, The Rise of the Guardians, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman are among the mythological figures. These characters are the ones who defend kids from the villainous Pitch Black. The film sends a powerful lesson about enjoying ourselves and embracing our inner child. 


The Importance of Balancing Fun and Responsibility


The main character of the movie, Jack Frost, is initially reluctant to become a guardian. He is a mischievous spirit who enjoys playing pranks and causing chaos. He is the embodiment of a character who has all the power with almost zero responsibility. 

Jack Frost
Jack Frost holding an iceball

However, as he becomes more involved with the guardians and their mission, he learns that having fun and enjoying life is just as important as being responsible and serious. This lesson is important for children, who often feel the pressure to grow up too quickly and take on adult responsibilities before they are ready.


Fun-Loving and Responsible Characters


One of the reasons why The Rise of the Guardians is so effective in teaching this lesson is that it presents a group of characters who are both fun-loving and responsible. 

Santa Claus, for example, is portrayed as a jolly figure who loves to laugh and make toys. However, he also takes his job of delivering presents very seriously. 

Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny
Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is depicted as a carefree creature who enjoys painting eggs and hiding them for children to find, but he is also a fierce fighter who will do anything to protect the children he cares for. By showing children that it is possible to be both fun-loving and responsible, the movie encourages them to find a balance between the two.


Did You Know This About The Rise Of The Guardians?


  • Rise of the Guardians was intended to be the start of a new trilogy for DreamWorks Animation. Still, the film’s competition with other movies including Wreck-It Ralph along with the film’s 84 million write-downs for the company deemed it very unlikely.
  • Some more early concept art for the film reveals that initial designs for Pitch were much more demonic and nightmarish than the film’s version of him, which isn’t all that different from the books.
  • This is the final DreamWorks Animation movie that Paramount Studios will be distributing. Following that, 20th Century Fox started to release DreamWorks Animation movies, beginning with The Croods and continuing through Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.


Using Fun as a Tool Against Darkness and Fear


Another way that the movie teaches the importance of having fun is by showing how it can be a powerful tool against darkness and fear. Pitch Black, the movie’s villain, wants to spread fear and despair throughout the world by making children believe in him instead of the guardians.

Jack Frost
Jack Frost riding the wind all the way to the sky

However, it is not the guardians who are able to stop Pitch Black. It would Jack Frost out of all the mythical characters. By this point in the movie, he has come to take responsibility for his actions. Yet, he had almost forgotten what made Jack Frost, THE Jack Frost. It was his need to inject fun into anything and everything he does. This is the tool that he gives to the children. To always remember to have fun, even in the face of darkness and fear.


The Rise Of The Guardians: Animation And Cast


The Rise of the Guardians is an aesthetically stunning film with fantastic animation and enduring characters in addition to its strong message. Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, and Hugh Jackman are among the voice actors who give the characters personality and make them relatable to viewers of all ages.

Sandman in The Rise Of The Guardians

The film’s music, which includes unique songs by composer Alexandre Desplat, is also noteworthy and contributes to the overall wonder and excitement of the work. The movie engages kids and inspires them to embrace their sense of fun by offering an entertaining and visually stimulating journey.

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FilmScopes thank the creators of the movie for giving this and the coming generation a slight nudge into making their days brighter even in the darkest of times with the help of a great variety of mythical characters who should be believed in for their morals. 


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