Top 10 Movies Based On Real Life Part 1

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Horror Stories Edition :


Movies Based On Real Life provide a special combination of inspiration and enjoyment. They immerse viewers in the inspiring tales of people who overcame incredible obstacles, performed amazing achievements, or overcame impossible situations.

These films, which range from crime dramas to biographical dramas, offer a glimpse into human nature, culture, and history. Movies based on true events blur the lines between fact and fiction, inspiring us to reflect on the strength and complexity of reality while also celebrating scientific advancements, showcasing heroic deeds, or exploring the darker sides of human nature



Why We Should Watch Movies Inspired By Real-Life Incidents:

1. Inspiration:

Real-life films present authentic tales of human tenacity and triumph that inspire us to face difficulties in our own lives.

2. Historical Insight:

They give us a glimpse into significant historical occurrences, enabling us to comprehend the past and how it affects the present.

3. Education:

By focusing light on recent scientific advancements, contemporary social challenges, and historical backgrounds, these films can be instructive.

4. Empathy:

Observing actual people deal with difficulties builds empathy and a deeper comprehension of various viewpoints.

5. Awareness:

True stories frequently address contemporary topics, bringing attention to pressing problems.

6. Individual Development:

These videos showcase real-life role models whose deeds might spur upward progress and individual development.

7. Connection:

They provide a link between viewers and actual people, promoting a sense of community and common interests.

8. Regard:

By watching these videos, we pay respect to the outstanding accomplishments, sacrifices, and life stories of those who came before us.


List Of Movies Based On Real Life Which Are Recognized By Oscar Award:


1. 1993’s Schindler’s List This Holocaust drama, which Steven Spielberg directed and was based on the real-life events surrounding Oskar Schindler, won seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

2. Russell Crowe won Best Actor and Best Picture for the 2001 historical film A Beautiful Mind, which was directed by Ron Howard and featured the life of mathematician John Nash.

3. The King’s Speech (2010): Colin Firth won Best Actor and Best Picture for this historical film about King George VI’s battle with a speech impairment.

4. Based on Solomon Northup’s autobiography, 12 Years a Slave (2013) is a stirring movie about his transition from freedom to slavery that earned three Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

5. The Boston Globe’s investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church was the subject of the investigative journalism movie Spotlight, which took home two Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody (2018): Rami Malek won the Best Actor Oscar for this biographical movie about the band Queen and its lead vocalist Freddie Mercury.

7. The 2018 movie Green Book, which was based on the actual account of a black pianist and his white chauffeur who became friends while on tour, took home three Oscars, including Best Picture.

8. Renée Zellweger’s portrayal of Judy Garland in the 2019 biographical drama Judy earned her the Best Actress Oscar.

9. Nomadland (2020): Chloé Zhao won Best Picture and Best Director for this movie, which was based on the nonfiction book of the same name.

10. Dallas Buyers Club (2013): Matthew McConaughey won the Best Actor Oscar for this biographical drama about Ron Woodroof’s fight with AIDS and his efforts to give treatment.



1. The Exorcist:

William Friedkin’s classic horror movie is partially inspired by the exorcism of a little child by the name of Roland Doe. The boy’s terrible possession by a malicious spirit and the heroic efforts made to release him are now the stuff of horror lore.


2. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

Tobe Hooper’s film, which is based on the murders committed by real-life murderer Ed Gein, follows a group of friends who come into a family of cannibals in a remote Texas area. The grim and dramatic tone of the film is inspired by the real tragedies that Gein’s acts sparked.


3. Zodiac :


The Zodiac Killer, a real-life serial killer who terrorized San Francisco in the late 1960s and early 1970s, is the focus of David Fincher’s suspenseful thriller. The investigation and paranoia that engulfed the city at the time are painstakingly depicted in the movie.


4. The Conjuring:

This James Wan-directed movie is based on the case files of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and depicts the tale of a family who lives in a farmhouse that is haunted by an evil spirit. The Warrens’ experiences and their run-ins with the paranormal were used as inspiration for the film.


5. A Nightmare on Elm Street:

The iconic Wes Craven horror movie was influenced by true stories of people who died unexpectedly while having horrific nightmares. It is a haunting investigation of the psyche because Freddy Krueger, the antagonist of the film, is an embodiment of this fear.


6. Wolf Creek:

Greg McLean’s Australian horror movie is partially inspired by Ivan Milat’s crimes against backpackers. The movie, which is based on the real-life dread of running into danger in distant areas, follows a group of travelers who come upon a sadistic killer in the Australian outback.


7. The Girl Next Door:

This movie, which is based on a book by Jack Ketchum, was motivated by the horrifying true account of Sylvia Likens, who was subjected to unspeakable cruelty and torture by her carer and her children. The film is a terrifying investigation into human depravity and the atrocities that can occur in secret.


8. The Connecticut Haunting:

The Snedeker family claimed to have seen paranormal activity after relocating to a former funeral home, and this movie is partially based on their experiences. The terrifying experience of being imprisoned in a mansion full of evil spirits is explored in the film.


9. Ed Gein:

Even though it isn’t a horror picture, this biographical account of notorious killer and corpse thief Ed Gein serves as the basis for various horror films, including “Psycho,” “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” and “The Silence of the Lambs.” Gein’s gruesome activities and troubled mental state have had a lasting influence on horror films.


10. The Amityville Horror

This paranormal horror movie is based on the purported paranormal encounters of the Lutz family in their brand-new house, which had previously been the scene of a mass murder. The terror of residing in a haunted house and the potential presence of evil spirits is explored in the film.


These films prove that true horror stories can be just as disturbing as fiction, if not more so. These films serve as a reminder that sometimes reality can be more horrific than what our imaginations can conjure by exploring the darkest recesses of human nature and the unknown.

Filmmakers will probably discover fresh methods to bring these terrifying true stories to life on the big screen as the horror genre develops, leaving audiences with a lingering feeling of discomfort.












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