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Was Zack Snyder’s Work In The DCU Not Acknowledged Enough?

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The DC has been known for their strong, wise characters from their universe but one other thing that they are more popular for is the amount of times they have rebooted the franchise with new casting, and new storylines. They turn the pages of their books faster than the Flash himself. No pun intended.

Since 2005, or should we say since the release of the Batman Trilogy. Loosely speaking, the DC universe was kind of leading the race. But good things never last, do they? After the Dark Knight Rises (2012), Christopher Nolan passed on the mantle to the next director. Zack Snyder. Snyder’s vision was perhaps ahead of its time as there were loads of criticism when Snyder started his journey in the superhero franchise.

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Zack Snyder In Vanity Fair Interview.

Not only Zack but Ben Affleck also got a lot of hate when he was announced as the next Batman. Surely, nothing will ever top what Christian Bale did, and the dark cinematography done by Nolan. Although, Snyder’s take was not the usual stuff if you ask me. He started off with the origin story of Man of Steel (2014) and later on dropped the bomb with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He even introduced Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the film and teased the future of Justice League.

Unlike previous films, Zack made sure that his films stood out and it did. Firstly, he set a particular dark colour theme for his movies which was ruined in 2016 when the studio hired another director to finish Justice League (2016).

The Beginning of a New Dawn.



Man of Steel is the highest-grossing solo Superman film of all time starring Henry Cavill who took him up to himself to become Superman physically. His insane workout regime made us all believe that he is the absolute god. Clark’s origin story with Snyder’s perspective was nothing less than a treat to watch.

“God Versus Man”



In 2016, Snyder chose a never path from his predecessors. He brought together Batman and Superman on one screen. Dawn of Justice is an absolute favourite not just because of the visuals and music. But also how cool the dialogue was. This was the first time, the fans got to witness an older version of Batman who has been fighting criminals for 20 years in Gotham.

He has seen everything, which is why he was not ready to give an alien the benefit of the doubt because he has the strength to simply burn the entire world if he wanted to. Since the world knew about Superman’s existence, people hopped merrily as they had a new protector. But Batman said otherwise as he was one of the only few people who saw what he was capable of. The best quote from the movie has to be when Alfred says Superman is not our enemy to which Bruce explains,

“Not today, twenty years in Gotham, Alfred; we’ve seen what promises are worth. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?”

[Reference of Harvey Dent aka Two Face]

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Joss Whedon’s Justice League (2017)

  “HAHAHA..Jokes On You!”

Joss Whedon was asked to finish the filming of Snyder’s Justice League as the latter had to leave during the post-production following his daughter’s demise. The director of The Avengers (2012) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) removed multiple scenes from the movie to meet the deadline which he probably had to do under pressure. Unfortunately, Whedon’s version of Justice League was a complete disaster.

Snyder Cut.


A still from Snyder Cut.

The power of fans should never be underestimated as they make anything seem possible. Since the release of the 2016 movie, fans started different campaigns to “Release the Snyder cut”, which most of people thought was just a fool’s errand but in 2021 Snyder and HBO Max announced that the so-called Snyder cut would be released on the streaming platform. It all started with an online petition signed by one fan which later on garnered more than 170,000 signatures.
After 10 years, an era has ended as the studio has officially announced the reboot of the franchise. A lot has happened in the last decade, but we got to witness some amazing stories.

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