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Monkey Man: Dev Patel the Protector Inspired from the Hindu Deity, The Hanuman.

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Monkey Man is a 2024 film featuring Oscar nominated actors Dev Patel, Sobhita Dhullipala, Sikandar Kher, and Ashwini Kalsekar. The trailer for the much-awaited action thriller was released earlier this year. The fans and critics were quite impressed by the visuals and the action sequence which were pretty hardcore. The action thriller is directed by Dev Patel and this venture is going to be the first film as a director. Producers of Monkey Man are Dev Patel, Oscar winner Jordan Peele (Nope), etc.

This is the first time we will get to see The Slumdog billionaire actor in the bloody, dark avatar of a man who grew up in the streets of Mumbai fighting for money.



“While [Monkey Man] often feels very much like a rough, earnest fan film… it also suggests that if Patel’s technique behind the camera catches up to his passion for the genre, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with.”- The Rolling Stone.


But he has an aim of putting down the corrupted leaders who murdered his mother. He sets out on the path of revenge seeking justice for which he puts on the mask of a protector, The mask of a monkey to conceal his identity.

Monkey Man premiered at the SXSW Film Festival


SXSW stands for South-by-South West which is also known as ‘South By” and is a conference where films, music, tech, and everything are discussed and celebrated. It takes place in Texas, this year between 8 to 16 March.

Monkey Man premiered on SXSW along with Nicolas Cage’s Arcadian, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Road House, and Rachel Zegler’s Y2K.

Dev Patel received a 2-minute-long standing ovation for his directorial debut film Monkey Man and his reaction has our hearts. The actor got emotional and teary-eyed after seeing the audience’s positive response.

The film got a “Perfect Score”, a full 100 on Rotten Tomatoes! Peele (Get Out) shared that he was going to release the film on Netflix but after seeing it he decided that the audience needs to see it in theater. The film will hit the big screens on 6 April.

Becoming The Monkey Man!


a man wearing a monkey mask
Dev Patel as the Monkey Man

Lion (2016) actor shared his long-time connection with Lord Hanuman, that his grandfather was the one who used to tell him the legendary tales of divine and powerful ‘Vanara’. He stated,

“He (the character) really captivated me. He has been sort of an emblem for my father and many in my family… If you go to any gym in India, there’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Hanuman. What baffled me growing up was this iconography of this super strong being who could hold mountains in one hand and split his chest open. It reminded me of the iconography of Superman. I was like this is amazing, I wish the world knew about it,”

He explained that he suffered from multiple injuries and fractures during the filming but had to continue filming as his character can’t wear a cast for broken bones, he added, “I broke my foot two weeks before [the] shoot, my toes and stuff. That was painful. Then, I tore my shoulder. And then in the middle of that bathroom fight, day two, I broke my hand. That was like, ‘Okay, here we go again. Production is going to go down … “

A man with bloody hands hitting a man


The critics gave a green light for the action thriller. Well, now that we all have seen enough action films in the last couple of years. Yeah, we are talking about the John Wick Franchise or the film ‘Nobody’ that nobody watched; no pun intended. It could be seen that no matter what action film we see nowadays, we will connect the dots, and the conversation for a fact goes back to ‘The Baba Yaga’ which is not that fair for the next-gen of action film makers but it is significant to point it out that everyone gets inspired.

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