Oscars 2024: Notable Moments from John Cena’s Outfit to Live Performance of ‘I Am Just Ken’!

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Oscars 2024,

the biggest night of the year and its end has made us realize that it’s already March people and the ‘Kenergy’ is off the charts! Every year, we analyze what is different this year, and for the past 4 years, the viewership hasn’t really. What is the word? Let’s just say, the viewership was pretty average.

The fans were eager to see if ‘Barbenheimer’ could help boost the viewership chart and according to reports, it surely has. The audience viewership has risen to 19.5 million which is still better than from 2020 to 2023.


Chris Rock and Will Smith

Over time, the Oscars have surely given us some sort of Drama, entertainment, and content. From Slapping Chris Rock on the prestigious Oscar stage to the blunder mix-up involving La La Land (2016) and Moonlight etc.

Oscars 2024 didn’t disappoint apart from the award snubs which happen every year as all the nominees were well deserved. Someone had to make the call if it were up to me, I would have given everyone an Oscar. But where is the point in that?

The three-hour program was the core of entertainment. Let’s look at some of the moments that caught our eye!

John Cena’s Outfit



John Cena presented the Oscar for Costume Design but with a twist and it was actually an ode to the 46th Academy Award’s Streaker Moment. The hilarious stunt took guts and John Cena must have said yes to it thinking that nobody could see him.

Back in 1974, David Niven was on stage when a naked man ran through the stage right behind him.

Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about what would happen if the streaker moment happened once again which was the cue for him to walk up to the stage, he was quite hesitant at first while he poked his head from the back. The skit took a hilarious turn when he gathered his courage and said,

“Costumes… they are so important. Maybe the most important thing there is,”

Messi The Dog, the VIP guest at the Oscars



The night gala of Cinema was surely filled with many listers from legendary director Steven Spielberg to Arnold Schwarzenegger but there was one other member that joined the Oscars who even stole the spotlight. Messi the dog was Snoop from The Anatomy of a Fall directed by Justine Triet.

The movie was nominated for best picture and it won best original screenplay.

The Hall of 5



The concept of the Hall of 5 was once again brought back this year when the previous holders of Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress presented the Oscar to the actors of the next-gen. This was last done in 2009.

The best actor nominees were announced by Nicolas Cage, Matthew McConaughey, Brendan Fraser, Ben Kingsley, and Forest Whitaker. Best Actress was presented by Sally Field, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Yeoh Charlize Theron, and Jessica Lange.

Ryan Gosling And Mark Ronson



Ryan Gosling and Mark Ronson performed their song ‘I am Just Ken’ from Barbie which received a standing ovation from the audience. As his performance not only entirely changed the vibe of the night in a beat but also made all the people in the audience groove and dance to the music.

The Batman Scenario



Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito came together to present the Oscar for Best Visual Effects and Best Film Editing and the actors hilariously mocked Michael Keaton’s Batman. The former batman villains talked about how they were beaten by the so-called Protector. Arnold played Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin and DeVito was the penguin in Batman Returns.

As they continued, they shared that Batman used Mr Freeze’s only weakness against him which should have been a fire but it was Love. DeVito replied by saying, “Oh. He threw me out a window”

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